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Starbucks opens its second charitable-ish Community Store in Dallas

Starbucks opens its second charitable-ish Community Store in Dallas

Starbucks Casa View
Starbucks at the Casa View Shopping Center. Courtesy photo

Everyone's favorite coffee chain Starbucks has opened one of its rare Community Stores in Dallas, in a neighborhood that is absolutely thrilled to have it: the cool, up-and-coming Casa View area, on the very east side of town, if you go any further east, you're in Mesquite.

The store is located at 10305 Ferguson Rd., in the Casa View Shopping Center in a very prominent location on the corner of Gus Thomasson Road, in what used to be a Payless shoe store, which closed in 2018.

The shopping center has been executing an ongoing facelift/renovation, and that particular storefront has been a major focus for the neighborhood, with many hopes and dreams about what might go there. Obviously, getting a Starbucks is a dream come true.

Starbucks Community Stores focus on local hiring, partnerships with local nonprofits, and working with diverse contractors and subcontractors. They feature local artists and provide a unique in-store space for local events and programs.

According to a release, this is their 25th Community Store nationwide, and the second Community Store in the Dallas area. The first opened in 2018 in Red Bird, where it's been welcomed by the community. The store has strong partnerships with local organizations and has played a role in many key community events, such as working with Kimball High School on a business pitch competition and hosting a COVID-19 vaccine pop-up.

The Casa View location has 32 employees and includes a community gathering space for local events.

It also has a custom mural by local East Dallas artist, Alec de Jesus, which illustrates community growth, transformation, generational ties and the way coffee often plays a role in these connections.

To celebrate the store's dedication, Starbucks is donating $2,500 to each of the following non-profits:

  • Wilkinson Center - supporting Dallas families that face challenges such as food insecurity, lack of education, economic instability, unemployment & underemployment.
  • Owenwood Farm and Neighbor Space  - tackling hunger in East Dallas through its community garden programming.

Starbucks' goal is to open 100 Community Stores across the U.S. by 2025. Most seem to be in less-gentrified neighborhoods than Starbucks' usual locations. (In Dallas, that would mean "Not On Preston Road.")

Following the 2020 Census, the Casa View neighborhood was determined to be primarily Hispanic, which is why the neighborhood was wedged into District 2 by the city of Dallas Redistricting Commission, in order to guarantee a solidly Hispanic district on the Dallas City Council.