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Where to Eat

Where to eat in Dallas right now: 10 hot new restaurants for August

Where to eat in Dallas right now: 10 hot new restaurants for August

Doc B's Fresh Kitchen fried chicken
Check out the fried chicken at Doc B's. Photo courtesy of Doc B's

For the August edition of Where to Eat, it's time to catch up on what's recently opened, what's hot, what's brand new. Dallas is enjoying feast mode in terms of new restaurants. There is no lack of fodder. Hurry now and try them out before we hit the famine.

Here's where to eat in Dallas:

Billy Can Can
First restaurant out of the gate from Tristan Simon's Rebees restaurant group is a mythical, handsomely appointed saloon in Victory Park. The menu by chef Matt Ford has a Texas beef and game vibe and runs on the safe/conservative side, with stick-to-your-ribs dishes such as venison tartare, oyster sliders, snapper, fried quail, deviled eggs, a burger, steak frites, and buffalo tenderloin.

Doc B's Fresh Kitchen
The Uptown Dallas location of this Chicago-based chain opened in June with burgers, bowls, and more. Although burgers and bowls is probably enough. It has a kind of Houston's polish and a menu with something for everyone: sandwiches, salads, pizza, and entrées such as filet mignon, hot chicken, and brick chicken — but also eight entree salads and a quinoa plate with a grilled artichoke. Maybe a Houston's for a younger crowd?

Fine China
Restaurant at the Statler Dallas hotel is a modern pan-Asian gastropub, which are many words you might not expect to see strung together. Chef is Angela Hernandez, formerly of Uchi, whose menu ranges from classics such as Cantonese roasted duck to new inventions such as spicy chicken wings. Cocktails by Kyle Hilla incorporate fun ingredients such as boba. Decor is a show-stopper with velvet banquettes, patterned wallpaper, Edison bulbs, teacup art installations on the wall, and even a chandelier.

Fish & Fizz
Fish and chips restaurant in Richardson from husband-and-wife Nick and Kelli Barclay has authenticity in its genes since Nick is English and has the know-how to do it right. In addition to fish and chips, there are British specialties such bubble & squeak and Cornish pasty in two versions: traditional filled with meat; and vegetables, and a veggie pasty with cheese, onion, and potato. Sides are also quite British including mushy peas, smashed minted peas, and baked beans.

Victory Park has sushi again, with this upscale Asian restaurant and traditional sushi bar from Kent and Tracy Rathbun. The sushi bar is overseen by Jimmu Duke, formerly of Nobu, who's rolling out not just classic sushi but items such as sushi topped with Wagyu beef. Jennifer Newbold is the head chef covering the non-sushi options such as Korean fried chicken, tempura lobster shooters, and Vietnamese duck spring rolls.

Restaurant and lounge inside the Deep Ellum Hostel stars chef Joel Orsini, whose Spanish tapas are wowing Dallas' most fickle foodies (IE, The Brad). Classic tapas include patatas bravas, sherried mushrooms, canned mussels, and Spanish omelet with potatoes and onions. Here's a dish that was available only for one night, so you already missed it but look at this 48-word description: Watermelon compressed in pimenton spice, lemon scrap oil, and basil, with a rind pickled in the juice from the trim of the melon, with champagne vin, agave nectar, house chili flake, and anise hyssop from Profound Microfarms finished with capricho de cabra, Texas olive oil and marigold mint.

New restaurant-wine bar from husband and wife David and Jennifer Uygur is just down the street from its big sister, the acclaimed Italian restaurant Lucia. It takes the house-made salumi and bread that Lucia does and blows it up real big, while also adding seasonal dishes from Italy and Spain. To make the most of the experience, you really gotta like animal to eat here, as they specialize in salumi and unusual items such as duck tongues in confit.

Mama Tried
New Nashville-style honky-tonk bar and restaurant from Brooke Humphries (Beauty Bar, Barcadia) opened in a former CrossFit gym in Deep Ellum. The menu by Roe DiLeo of Hell's Kitchen Nightmares fame includes fried catfish, chile-rubbed turkey leg, shrimp & grits, CFS, a pimento sandwich, nachos, a pretzel and meat board, and a popcorn "flight."

Mamasan House of Poke
Fast-casual poké concept on Fitzhugh with bowls, rolls, and cold-brewed teas is from Plan B, who've lent a tasteful consult to countless Dallas restaurants such as Bolsa. Mamasan is inspired by the tradition of Hawaiian poké but with global influences. They suggest 13 options, available as a bowl or a roll. Chicken Karaage has kale, cucumber, lime, watermelon radish, and spicy mayo. Vindaloo Jackfruit is a veggie option with cucumber, scallions, mint, mango, and snow peas.

Located on the ground floor of The Statler hotel, adjacent to the recently opened Fine China, R&B is a Japanese ramen and bao house open for lunch and late at night. There are four ramen bowls and seven takes on the bao, the Chinese steamed bun filled with meat and/or vegetables, including Cheesebao-ger with onion jam, American cheese and bread & butter pickles; and the edamame falafel with jalapeno hummus, cucumber, pickled red onion, and sriracha yogurt. Seating is limited; there's also a standing counter.