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Kooky supper club near Deep Ellum punches out with nutty goodbye note

Kooky supper club near Deep Ellum punches out with nutty goodbye note

Don't Tell Supper Club
Crazy legs, crazy bar. Photo courtesy of Don't Tell Supper Club

The drag brunches have come to an end. Don't Tell Supper Club, the bar-restaurant at 2026 Commerce St. that became best known for its semi-regular drag brunches, closed on August 12.

The bar, which described itself as "a clandestine oasis for party-goers who love to celebrate fine dining, spellbinding cocktails, and never-ending spectacles," announced its closure with a fascinating Facebook post thanking each and every individual employee by name, while simultaneously calling out an unidentified ex-employee who'd allegedly made threats.

"My name is Sagi Nidam, and as the current owner of Don’t Tell Supper Club since December 2017, I want to thank you — our amazing patrons — for all for the continued support and you (our amazing staff) for your incredible hard work," the post said. "To all my staff that stuck together and created great friendships and a great place to be, despite all the threats and sabotage from a particular ex employee."

After thanking everyone from chefs to bar-backs to the drag performers (example: "I want to give thanks to our amazing bar staff: Austin, I hope you’re doing well in the oil fields."), the post refers to the mysterious employee a second time:

"I am sorry. I exhausted every resource (to) keep DTSC going by securing a new lease. We were doing so good every week, and just getting better. Unfortunately, I have no control over the actions of others that only care about themselves. I am sorry I could not stop his craziness."

What the post neglects to mention is the fact that the restaurant had already been locked out by the landlord on August 12. A sign was posted on the door stating that the landlord had terminated the lease and changed the locks.

In other omissions, Don't Tell also neglected to cancel its drag brunch scheduled for August 16. Perhaps that explains why forlorn diners could be seen outside the restaurant on Sunday morning in their festive drag finery, with no one there to answer their earnest knocks on the door.

Management recently made some last-ditch efforts to keep the corpse alive with a release sent out on July 26 announcing a new menu by the "inimitable" chef Geovanny Arredondo. The release also said that the place was under new ownership. This would seem to refute the Facebook post, which also promised that it's not over yet.

"Trust me when I tell you that this is not goodbye. STAY TUNED. I’m confident that our paths will cross again. I LOVE YOU ALL, and I appreciate every one of you and everything that you did for Don't Tell ... and for me."

"Our final bow. #Shhhh"