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New bubble tea shop opens at amazingly central location in Dallas

New bubble tea shop opens at amazingly central location in Dallas

Kung Fu Tea
Bubble tea bubbles up inside the Loop. Photo courtesy of drinkwhat

Bubble tea makes a key encroachment into inner Dallas with the imminent arrival of Kung Fu Tea, part of an international bubble-tea chain, which is opening a location in the Knox area.

Kung Fu, which calls itself the unchallenged expert when it comes to bubble tea, will open a location at 3001 Knox St. in the space that was formerly Knox Cleaners, next door to Go Fish Poke. A spokesperson says that the store will open in fall 2018.

While Dallas-Fort Worth has had no shortage of bubble tea openings in recent years, they're always way out in the suburbs, with precious few inside the Loop, forcing Dallas' bubble-tea fans to drive to Plano, Carrollton, or worse, Frisco. The closest are Panda Tea, which opened on Greenville Avenue near Old Town in February; and Craft Boba Tea, a newly-opened bubble tea shop inside Zaap Kitchen on Greenville Avenue.

Kung Fu is a standout in that its beverage lineup is broad, with green tea, black tea, milk tea, bubble tea, coffee, milk and slushes in flavors from familiar such as the signature coffee to exotic such as mung bean. There are more than 70 drinks.

Kung Fu also has drinks that are unique to bubble tea places, such as a caramel macchiato slush and an Ovaltine slush, and seasonal specials such as pineapple-coconut slush.

They observe a stringent approach to their beverages, including brewing their tea every three hours and making their "bubbles" — chewy tapioca balls — every two hours.

Customers choose a size, tea base, sugar level, and even ice level. In addition to bubbles, other additions include nata, a coconut-pineapple jelly; grass jelly; and the latest craze, popping bubbles which pops when bitten, releasing a sweet liquid center.

They opened their first branch in Carrollton, and have a total of nine locations in the DFW area either open or in the works including Richardson, Murphy, Arlington, Fort Worth, and Frisco.