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Uptown Dallas restaurant hosts street food pop-up on its front door

Uptown Dallas restaurant hosts street food pop-up on its front door

Malai Kitchen beer flight
Malai Kitchen beer. Photo courtesy of Malai Kitchen

An Uptown Dallas restaurant is hosting a specially themed pop-up dedicated to craft beer. Malai Kitchen in the West Village is hosting an event called Bia Hoi Popup, a one-day only Vietnamese-themed event that's an entirely separate restaurant right in front of Malai Kitchen.

The popup will take place October 13 from 11 am-10 pm — "or when the last keg blows," says a release.

Bia Ho translates to "draft beer" and refers to a light Vietnamese beer traditionally found on the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Bia Ho is an unfiltered lager brewed with rice and barley that's been called the "cheapest beer in the world." It currently costs about 40 cents a pint in Vietnam. The most famous variety is Bia Hoi Ha Noi, which is the inspiration behind the version that Malai Kitchen's head brewer James Sutton brews in-house.

It goes best with "grazeable" food or snacks in the late afternoon or early evening.

The menu for the pop-up has been created and prepared by Malai's rising-star talent Hieu Tran, who is a native of Saigon and manager at Malai Kitchen. It will be accompanied by Malai's in-house beer, which Malai owner Yasmin Wages describes as having been brewed with "just the right amount of funk."

Wages is a Bia Hoi Ha Noi enthusiast; she'll serve as hostess and head server at the pop-up.

They'll be serving $1 Bia Hoi beers and a special street food chalkboard menu outside on the sidewalk. The setup will emulate a typical Bia Hoi spot in Hanoi. Menu will include items like Kaffir-chicken jerky, pork belly salad, five-spice pork ribs, and caramel-fish sauce ice cream.

Founded by Yasmin and her husband Braden Wages, Malai Kitchen was inspired by their extensive travels through Thailand and Vietnam.

The bar program, anchored by six house-brewed, Asian-style beers, features a list of craft cocktails and a thoughtfully curated wine list designed to enhance the bold flavors of the cuisine.