No More Knuckle Sandwiches

Greenville Avenue sandwich shop pours out cocktails in favor of craft beer

Greenville Avenue sandwich shop pours out cocktails in favor of beer

Craft beers along a bar
Knuckle Sandwich Co. is turning into a craft beer bar called LG Taps. iStock

Greenville Avenue sandwich shop Knuckle Sandwich Co. has closed, but the space will quickly be transformed into a craft beer spot called LG Taps.

Knuckle was the venture from Parliament cocktail maestro Eddie "Lucky" Campbell and Andrew Brimecome, who tried to combine a sophisticated bar with great sandwiches in the former Vagabond space. It had big ambitions, including delivery to those who lived nearby.

The new concept comes from Alec Kemp, formerly of Andrews Distributing, who will keep the kitchen staff and beef up the craft beer component, Brimecome says.

"A group by the name of LG Taps approached us about buying the bar for their new bar concept," Brimecome says. "LG Taps includes Alec Kemp, who has years of bar management experience and incredible craft beer knowledge, and who lives in the neighborhood."

At LG Taps, which stands for "Lower Greenville Taps," Kemp says he'll open a "great craft beer bar," with less emphasis on cocktails and more emphasis on beer.

The food menu will pick up where Knuckle left off; Kemp is keeping chef Chad Brown and his kitchen crew for the new bar. Kemp and his partners have a grand plan.

"There are so many people moving into Dallas these days. We have so many new apartment complexes where there's nothing nearby," he says. "We're going to try and be the first local watering hole at these new developments."

The menu will be similar but not the exact same. "We're still going with craft sandwiches as our overall menu theme, and we'll keep a couple that are popular," Kemp says.

Brimecome says that he and Lucky learned that even something as seemingly simple as a sandwich shop had many moving parts.

"There's no doubt we were surprised at the amount of time it takes to manage and operate a new kitchen, with our experience being solely cocktails," he says. "So for us, we are excited to focus more time on new advanced cocktail programs at Parliament, getting back to what we do best."