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Chicken & fries chain from Croatia surfs into U.S. with Dallas debut

Chicken & fries chain from Croatia surfs into U.S. with Dallas debut

Surf N Fries
They specialize in gourmet French fries. Photo courtesy of Surf N Fries

A new concept specializing in one of nature's most perfect foods is coming to Dallas, from a land far far away. Called Surfin' Chicken, it's a quick-service chain restaurant chain founded in Croatia of all places, and it's making its U.S. debut in Dallas-Fort Worth, where it will bring its creative and innovative approach to the standard French fry.

The concept was originally founded in 2009 as "Surf'n'Fries," with a twist on gourmet Belgian fries, which it sells in a unique cone-shaped package.

The chain currently has more than 60 outlets in 20 countries, including Austria, Dubai, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Vietnam, and Australia. America is their latest frontier.

For their U.S. debut, they decided to change their name, says Carrie Sams, president of the U.S. operation. They found that in the U.S., "surf" is closely associated with seafood, and they wanted to clarify that their menu leaned towards chicken.

"We combined the goodness of Surf 'N' Fries with American's love of fried chicken," Sams says.

The first U.S. location debuted in Garland on October 15, as a kiosk inside the Walmart Supercenter at 555 W. Interstate 30, with another location opening in Prosper at the Walmart Supercenter at 500 Richland Blvd.

The concept was founded by entrepreneur and adventurer Andrija Colak and co-founder Denis Polic, who devised a unique portable container with a cone for the fries, plus a pocket for your side dish and a ring for your beverage.

This enables you to eat their fries while walking or even surfing.

The menu includes classic fries as well as Surfin's unique curvy wedged-shaped fry — cupped like a Frito chip — making for a better vehicle onto which to ladle toppings.

And those "toppings" include:

  • chili
  • pulled pork
  • sausage
  • Italian fries, with tomato and parmesan cheese
  • shrimp fries, topped with fried shrimp and arugula
  • salmon

They also sell nuggets, wings, mozzarella sticks, breakfast, desserts, and "Surf Dogs" with toppings such as BBQ sauce, bacon, and pickled cucumber.

A notable point of distinction is their use of air fryers, which creates the desirable fried food texture but without oil.

One factor that has furthered their expansion is that they have a variety of restaurant models, including mobile, trailer, and in this case, store kiosk.

According to Sams, this is the first of 12 locations that will be opened in Texas and California by the end of the year — all within Walmart stores.

"The Garland shop opening will be just the beginning of a long-term plan to open over 350 locations in Walmarts during the next five years," Sams says.