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Newest restaurant at The Village Dallas is a Mexican subterranean hideaway

Newest restaurant at The Village is a Mexican subterranean hideaway

The menu features regional Mexican food. La Mina

The Village residential development in Dallas has another restaurant leaving the runway. Called La Mina, it's now serving regional Mexican food and agave cocktails in a subterranean spot beneath the Drey Hotel at 5630 Village Glen Dr. for dinner Tuesday-Sunday and weekend brunch.

Chef de cuisine is Tony Ibarra, who grew up in El Paso, attended Arizona Culinary Institute in Scottsdale, and has worked at critical favorites such as Petra and the Beast, FT33, CBD Provisions, Small Brewpub, Proof & Pantry, and Nana.

The menu includes:

  • poached shrimp with mezcal, cucumber, radish and avocado
  • hamachi with tamarind, coconut milk, jalapeño, and scallions
  • Norteño-style braised beef, refried beans, and corn tlayuda
  • fish Veracruz cooked in a banana leaf with capers, olives, tomato, potato, and calabaza
  • pork shoulder braised with chiles, served with mayocoba and rosado beans
  • cochinita pibíl tacos
  • chilaquiles rojos with cochinita pibíl or pollo borracho
  • enchiladas, either chicken or cheese and chiles

Desserts by pastry chef David Madrid include tres leches parfait with winter fruit and crispy pepita meringue; chocoflan with Amarena cherries; and churros with dark chocolate and cajeta.

Brunch is served both Saturday and Sunday, with its own menu, including chilaquiles rojos with cochinita pibíl or pollo borracho; eggs in mole amarillo; chorizo-potato hash; and horchata-soaked French toast.

A full bar features nine house cocktails, wine on tap, bottled beer, and espresso drinks.

One special feature: They're making their own tortillas. "Using heirloom corn from Mexico and nixtamalizing it in-house has been a fun process that we are excited to share with everyone," says Village culinary VP Junior Borges.

The restaurant, which seats 88 in the dining room with 24 seats at the bar and another 24 on the patio, is the third big opening at the Village, following Anise and Meridian.

The Village's food & beverage VP Casie Caldwell explains the name.

"La Mina, which means 'the mine' in Spanish, is our hidden gem at The Village," Caldwell says. "The subterranean location really makes you feel like you’ve entered into someplace really special. It gives our guests a sense of escape from the big city, all while enjoying outstanding regional Mexican food and agave cocktails."