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Ramen, sushi, izakaya — new restaurant in Southlake has it all

Ramen, sushi, izakaya — new restaurant in Southlake has it all

Ozeki Sushi & Ramen
Ramen is only one part of the formula. Photo courtesy of Ozeki

There's a newly opened restaurant in Southlake that has all of the hottest Asian trends in one. Called Ozeki Ramen, Sushi & Izakaya, it's now open at 432 Grand Ave. W., in Southlake Town Square, in a space formerly occupied by Taco Diner.

Owner is Shawn Kim, and the chef is his cousin Aden. According to a release, they have 18 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

The menu focuses on three Japanese subcuisines: ramen, sushi, and izakaya, which is basically Japanese bar food.

To make their ramen, they boil the broth in the traditional method for more than 20 hours. They have nine varieties. Four have a pork-based broth:

  • Tonkotsu, the most traditional ramen
  • Miso, with a miso broth
  • Kuro, which is garlic based
  • Nagasaki seafood, which has shrimp, mussels, and calamari

Three have a chicken-based broth:

  • Lobster, with lobster tail
  • Shoyu, with soy sauce
  • Shio, which is salt based

They also have a vegetarian ramen and a tempura udon with dashi broth.

Their sushi selection is epic. In addition to sushi and sashimi combos, they have 75 sushi rolls which surely must be a local record.

There are prototypical rolls such as California roll and spicy tuna.

There are "no rice" rolls with various combinations of fish, sprouts, and avocado.

There are deep-fried rolls like the Ferrari roll with avocado, crab meat, spicy tuna, cream cheese, and lotus root. And there are baked rolls, like the baked lobster roll with lobster, onion, mushroom, asparagus, and fried garlic.

There are sushi burritos, special tempura rolls, and veggie rolls including fried asparagus, and a teriyaki tofu roll.

The izakaya menu includes edamame, shrimp dumplings, steamed buns, Japanese fried oysters, and chicken karaage, aka Japanese-style fried chicken.

Cold plates include sushi samplers and ahi towers.

They're open for lunch and keep late-night hours, at least for Southlake: until 11 pm Sunday-Thursday, and midnight on Friday-Saturday.