Trinity Groves Closure

Mexican street food restaurant at Trinity Groves closes ahead of its time

Mexican street food restaurant at Trinity Groves closes prematurely

Sugar Skull Cafe
Trinity Groves saw a casualty with the closure of Sugar Skull Cafe. Photo courtesy of Sugar Skull Cafe

Trinity Groves, the West Dallas restaurant "incubator," experienced a major closure when Sugar Skull Cafe closed on November 30. This was the fast-casual restaurant that did Mexico City street food and opened in April, a mere seven months ago, by restaurateur Jonn Baudoin.

Sugar Skull was practical in that it served breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It had breakfast tacos in the morning and good margaritas in the afternoon. (Or morning, depending on your inclination.)

Sugar Skull was Baudoin's second Trinity Groves venture; he co-opened Casa Rubia with chef Omar Flores in November 2014.

In a release, Baudoin said he's "had a great run at Trinity Groves." "I'm obviously disappointed, but I also understand that it’s the nature of this business," he said.

Bob Sambol of Trinity Groves said that the complex was still learning about what works.

"You have to have the right food, in the right place, at the right time to succeed," he said. "At the same time, the Trinity Groves team continues to learn more about what it takes for a restaurant to thrive here."

In February, Didi's Tamales, a tamale restaurant that moved into Trinity Groves from Mesquite, closed after less than four months. In July, Potato Flats, the flattened-baked-potato concept, closed after a year. Trinity Groves said that it was better suited for a location that would allow for a quicker dining experience and/or drive-through capabilities, but it hasn't resurfaced yet, nor has a replacement concept for its site.