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Creative new brewpub and live music venue windmills into The Colony

Creative new brewpub and live music venue windmills into The Colony

The venue has both indoor and outdoor space. Rendering courtesy of Windmills

There's a new brewpub concept coming to the Grandscape at The Colony with unique origins. Called Windmills Craftworks, it's a brewery, restaurant, and live-music venue founded in Bangalore, India in 2012.

Windmills is from two entrepreneurs, Kamal Sagar and Ajay Nagarajan, whose real estate company Total Environment has undertaken such creative projects as building million-dollar homes in Frisco with grass-covered roofs.

This will be the first Windmills in the U.S. According to a release, it'll open at 5755 Grandscape Blvd. in early 2021.

Menu items include:

  • cheese curds with mint-yogurt dipping sauce
  • seafood fritters
  • stone-seared beef
  • spicy potato patties with chutney and chickpea fritters
  • avocado fries
  • okra & cauliflower "poppers"
  • wings

They have Texas twinkies, IE smoked jalapenos stuffed with creamed cheese, gouda, and pulled pork; smoked ribs, green chile queso, and charcuterie.

They have an entire selection of filled breads, aka "kulcha": mushroom & onion, parmesan green chile, herbed lamb, and bacon-blue cheese.

They have kebabs including chicken, shrimp, salmon, lamb, beef, and broccoli, for a little veggie twist.

They'll have cocktails but also stouts, IPAs, and light ales exclusively made in-house.

The Colony location comprises 14,000 square feet with seating for 300, indoors and out. In addition to the food, drink, and craft beer, they promise "soul-stirring music."

"The Windmills ethos is about enjoying the finer things in life," says Nagarajan in a statement. "We wanted something that was highbrow, yet vibrant and accommodative; a place that people with sophisticated sensibilities would like to come back to. We want to offer customers intellectual stimulation, apart from pleasing their palate."

Nagarajan also says the name is inspired by the song "Windmills of Your Mind." Hey, they like Noel Harrison, that's cool. Maybe they've seen The Thomas Crowne Affair since the song became a hit after appearing on film's soundtrack.

The concept also has a mascot. Seriously, they have thought of everything. The mascot is a squirrel, representing the group's ability to play, be agile, explore, prepare, and focus on the future. What about their ability to gather acorns and bury them in your front yard?