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Dallas makes list of 10 best cities in America for chefs

Dallas makes list of 10 best cities in America for chefs

Judge Tim Byres at Meat Fight 2013
A new list says that Dallas is a good place for chefs, such as Tim Byres, owner of Smoke and The Theodore. Photo by Robert Strickland

Local chefs probably already know it, but they have things pretty good. Now a list says it's true, with Dallas ranking the sixth best city among the 10 best cities for chefs in America.

Dallas earned its spot thanks to its combination of decent salaries and relatively low cost of living.

The list was generated by storage website SpareFoot and job website Indeed. They looked for the metro areas with the most job listings for chefs, then weighed in on factors such as salary, rent, and home prices.

The average salary for a chef in Dallas is $54,000, which is not the highest on the list. But rates on renting and buying a home are lower than the norm: The average home price in Dallas is $369,900, and average annual rent at $16,356. We get to keep more of our salaries.

The top three cities on the list are Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Atlanta is No. 1. The average salary for Atlanta chefs is high at $67,000, while housing is low, with a median home price of $272,900.

San Francisco was No. 10. Its chefs command the highest average salary, $72,000, but the city has the least affordable housing, with an average home price of $1.2 million, and average rent at $52,728.

Other cities on the list include New York, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.