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Luxury motor coach rolls out plan to shuttle executives from Dallas to Austin

Luxe motor coach rolls out plan to shuttle execs from Dallas to Austin

Vonlane motor coach
Vonlane motor coaches feature 16 first-class seats. Courtesy photo
Vonlane motor coach
Vonlane will begin service from Dallas to Austin on May 5. Courtesy photo
Vonlane motor coach
For business travelers taking a break from work, there's satellite TV. Courtesy photo
Vonlane motor coach
Vonlane motor coach
Vonlane motor coach

Starting next month, business travelers going between Dallas and Austin will have a new transportation option. Vonlane, an executive motor coach, rolls into town on May 5. Featuring first class seats, Wi-Fi, a conference room and noise-cancelling headphones, the luxury bus service is looking to tap into the premium travel market.

“We created, in Vonlane, a more dignified way to travel that helps business people reclaim the productive hours that are typically lost when flying or driving between Texas cities,” founder and president Alex Danza said.

 Each $100 ticket includes Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, desk space and complimentary coffee and sandwiches.

A one-way ticket will cost $100, which is about five times as expensive as Megabus. But the amenities are plentiful. Each seat includes Wi-Fi, electrical outlets and desk space.

If you need a break from business, Vonlane offers satellite TV and radio. Sandwiches, coffee and other snacks are complimentary. Travelers can also bring their own food aboard.

Vonlane motor coaches sport 16 roomy leather seats that are all located on either aisles or windows. For comparison, a traditional charter bus fits 56 seats into the same space.

To further cater to the business traveler, there are no fees to change your ticket should a meeting run late, and all tickets are refundable with 24 hours notice. The only service not included in the $100 ticket price is parking.

The route runs four times daily, Monday through Friday, with pickup and drop-off at Wyndham Love Field hotel in Dallas and the Hyatt Regency in Austin. Although the route will initially serve only those two cities, there are already expansion plans for Houston and San Antonio.