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Dallas Love Field airport doles out helpful new info for holiday travelers

Dallas Love Field doles out helpful new info for holiday travelers

Dallas Love Field airport
Holiday travelers will get a tip-off on what's happening inside Love Field. Dallas Love Field/Facebook

For travelers headed to Dallas Love Field, the airport has added a new electronic system that'll tip off drivers to what parking is available where.

Love Field's new parking guidance system has two components: electronic display boards outside the airport that give a glimpse of availability, and electronic signs at the garages listing the number of available parking spaces. The goal of the newly installed devices is to create a seamless system between the airport's four parking options: garages A and B, valet parking, and the Love Connection remote parking lot.

There will be 10 electronic message boards placed around the airport on Mockingbird Lane, Cedar Springs Road, and Harry Hines Boulevard. These large signs will provide key info before travelers reach Love Field. Part of the goal is to encourage use of the remote lot, which offers low-cost parking outside the airport.

Garages A and B have electronic signs at the entrances indicating the number of spots in the garage. Garage B has signs on each level, which makes it easier for travelers to find the available spots. All of the signs inside the garages will update when a car leaves its parking spot.

Garage A is $17 a day; garage B is $13 a day. For alternatives to the garages, there is valet parking and the remote lot.

Valet, priced at $24 a day, is located at the end of the ticketing/check-in hall. The remote lot, with 1,500 spaces priced at $6 per day, is on Harry Hines Boulevard, north of Mockingbird Lane. There will be extra shuttles for the remote parking lot over the holiday season.

The parking guidance system is part of a modernization program that has included the opening of a new centralized concourse with 20 gates, a remodeled lobby, expanded baggage claim, and a new ticketing/check-in hall. Another garage is slated to open in 2018.