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Wylie teenagers planned classmate's murder a week ahead of attack

Wylie teenagers planned classmate's murder a week ahead of attack

Two Wylie teenagers charged with first-degree murder told police they planned the attack on their classmate for about a week. According to reports from a Collin County hearing, the 16-year-old boys began plotting to kill Ivan Mejia, 17, on March 3. His lifeless body was found in a wooded area in Garland on March 8.

All three boys were students at Wylie East High School. Mejia was a senior set to graduate in a few short months; his attackers were both juniors. It is believed the murder was prompted by jealousy over Mejia's girlfriend. The suspects allegedly put Mejia in a deadly choke-hold to subdue him outside the high school.

The Collin County district clerk has not officially released the boys' names because they are minors. Some media outlets have chosen to identify the suspects due to the severity of their alleged crimes.

Mejia's body was found by Garland police on March 8 after a 911 call about a suspicious vehicle near Firewheel Mall. When police approached the area off Highway 78 and George Bush Tollway, they spotted two boys running away from the car.

After the suspects returned to their vehicle, officers asked them what they were doing. According to a statement from Wylie police Sgt. Donna Valdepena, one of the teens said, "We are burying a body."

The boys told police that they killed their classmate directly behind Wylie East High School on Bennett Road.

Wylie East High School student Ivan Mejia
Ivan Mejia, 17, was killed March 8 outside Wylie East High School. Photo via Twitter