Gatsby Opens Downtown

New Gatsby nightclub aims to fulfill champagne dreams in downtown Dallas

New nightclub aims to fulfill champagne dreams in downtown Dallas

A new club opening in downtown called Gatsby celebrates its grand opening on March 13 with burlesque dancers, chocolates and lots of champagne. It takes over the old Plush space at 1400 Main St., and champagne is the focus, says spokeswoman Teresa Nguyen, with a long list of bubblies and a champagne mezzanine.

The club comes from a team that includes Ross Edinboro, whose previous projects include Club 8 and Lotus (now Standard Pour), and a silent partner who goes by the nom de club Jay Gatsby. The club world is so colorful.

The building, has four floors, which will be used strategically, Nguyen says.

"It'll be more a mixed-use space than a mere club," she says. "The main floor or 'show floor' will be open on Friday and Saturday nights, and they'll do a lot of fun things like dancers and different musicians, maybe a live band or an orchestra or a saxophonist."

The second floor champagne mezzanine has private balconies that overlook the main floor — ideal for people watching or just for the esteem-building exercise of looking down on someone else.

The other two floors are still under development. A rooftop will host fashion events, private parties and cigar nights, and a basement will house another concept entirely.

"The basement, their plan right now is to call it Parlor, possibly open on weekdays, like the Midnight Rambler at The Joule," she says. "It's a very cool space, and it has a full kitchen."

Along with cognac, Scotch, vodka, bourbon and tequila, the champagne list features mostly high-end French labels such as Dom Perignon (both regular and Luminous), Veuve Clicquot, Moet Imperial, Moet Rose, Perrier Jouet, Belaire and Armand de Brignac. Magnums are available, as are six-packs of Red Bull.

Which brings us to table reservations; they can be made by calling 1-844-4Gatsby or Josh, director of VIP services, at 214-723-4161.

As for the name, Nguyen acknowledges that naming your bar after a rogue like Gatsby is a bold move.

"It's hard to live up to a name like Gatsby, where you might expect the party of the century," she says. "They're not trying to live up to that. But they do want to make it feel like every night is a New Year's Eve celebration."

The club opens to the public at 10:30 pm.

Stock photo of friends toasting champagne
Champagne is the focus of the new Gatsby nightclub downtown. Getty Images
Gatsby opens in downtown Dallas on March 13. Photo courtesy of Gatsby