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These are the 12 can't-miss shows in Dallas-Fort Worth theater for April

The 12 can't-miss shows in Dallas-Fort Worth theater for April

2018 touring cast of Hamilton
Hamilton finally comes to Dallas. Photo by Joan Marcus
Second Thought Theatre presents Lela & Co.
Natalie Young stars in Lela & Co. at Second Thought Theatre. Photo by Evan Michael Woods
Kitchen Dog Theater presents Wolf at the Door
Wolf at the Door makes its regional premiere at Kitchen Dog Theater. Photo by Matt Mrozek
WaterTower Theatre presents Everything Is Wonderful
Everything Is Wonderful at WaterTower Theatre. Photo by Evan Michael Woods
Stage West presents The Father
David Coffee stars in The Father at Stage West. Photo by Evan Michael Woods
Ana Villafañe as Gloria Estefan in On Your Feet
Get On Your Feet! at Bass Performance Hall. Photo © Matthew Murphy
2018 touring cast of Hamilton
Second Thought Theatre presents Lela & Co.
Kitchen Dog Theater presents Wolf at the Door
WaterTower Theatre presents Everything Is Wonderful
Stage West presents The Father
Ana Villafañe as Gloria Estefan in On Your Feet

For some, April is only about one show: Hamilton. But there are 11 other offerings opening this month, plenty of them regional premieres and even two world premieres. If you've already paid your respects to A. Ham, there's plenty else to check out.

Here are the 12 shows to see, in order by start date:

Dallas Summer Musicals, April 2-May 5
It's finally here. The blockbuster musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda that tells the story of founding father Alexander Hamilton through rap, pop, and other musical styles comes to the Music Hall at Fair Park, and people are more than a little excited about it. Come early to check out the rare documents that will be on display in the lobby.

The Father
Stage West, April 4-27
David Coffee plays 80-year-old André, a retired tap dancer living with his daughter and her husband, and…or, no, wait, is he a retired engineer whose daughter is visiting from London? And who are those people who keep turning up in his flat, and where does his furniture keep disappearing to, and why is he still in his pajamas?

Lela & Co.
Second Thought Theatre, April 4-27
Set against the backdrop of a refugee crisis in an unnamed foreign country, this regional premiere by Cordelia Lynn charts Lela's eventful journey from girlhood to womanhood. Separated from her childhood by the soldiers at the border of her country and the soldiers in the bedroom of her new home, Lela gains strength and wisdom that are hard-won and far beyond her years.

On Your Feet!
Broadway at the Bass, April 10-14
Based on the life story of seven-time Grammy-winning international superstar Gloria Estefan and her husband, 19-time Grammy-winning producer-musician-entrepreneur Emilio Estefan, this musical is a catalog of their chart-topping hits. If you feel like doing the conga to "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You," "1-2-3," "Get On Your Feet," "Mi Tierra," "Don't Want To Lose You Now," and, yes, "Conga," there will be no judgment here.

so go the ghosts of méxico, part three
Undermain Theatre, April 11-May 5
The centerpiece production of the Whither Goest Thou America Festival is this final installment in the three-play cycle exploring the U.S.-Mexico drug wars. A young Mexican couple gets caught up in the web of the drug trade between the two countries, changing their lives forever — but is their ordeal what it seems, or a mirage of disinformation created by unseen forces? The festival also includes staged readings of Red Chariot, Vox Humana, so go the ghosts of méxico parts 1 and 2, and He Brought Her Heart Back in a Box.

Wolf at the Door
Kitchen Dog Theater, April 11-May 5
Marisela Treviño Orta's dark fairy tale follows Isadora, who finds the strength to stand up to her abusive husband, Septimo, when he forces the very pregnant Yolot to stay against her will. While Septimo makes plans for the baby, Isadora and Yolot devise one of their own.

Teatro en Fuga
Cara Mía Theatre Co., April 12-28
This festival features new works-in-progress by members of Cara Mía's resident ensemble, with the goal of developing for world premiere productions in future seasons.

Office Hour
Circle Theatre, April 18-May 11
A troubled student hides behind dark glasses and writes disturbing and provoking literature. Is he venting or really troubled? His professor is the only one willing to get close enough to understand. Will the day end in tragedy, hope ... or somewhere in between?

Everything Is Wonderful
WaterTower Theatre, April 19-May 12
Following a tragic car accident that killed her two brothers, Miri, the excommunicated daughter of an Amish family, returns home to find that her parents have taken in the wayward driver of the car. Quickly learning that time has not healed old wounds, Miri struggles with the contradictions of the culture she left behind, while being forced to confront Abram, the young Amish man whose actions drove her away.

Pastry King
Elevator Project April 23-May 5
A husband and wife open a pastry shop in the North End, making the best cannoli in Boston. But upon meeting their neighbor, the Pastry King, one of the city's most established restaurateurs, odd and terrible things start to happen. It's a play about blame, the strength of relationships, and the perfect ricotta recipe.

Raptured: A Sex Farce at the End of the World
Theatre Three, April 25-May 19
The congregants of the Third Baptist Church of Uncertain, Texas are only certain about two things; the rapture is definitely happening sometime in the next two hours (the Bible Math checks out), and two hours is not enough time to squeeze every single drop of life from this wicked, wonderful world. But some of them will try. Matt Lyle's fresh farce is full of love triangles, mistaken identities, a puckish youth pastor, a Preacher on a dubious mission, lots of doors, and, of course, deeply irrevocable existential longing.

Real Women Have Curves
Dallas Theater Center, April 26-May 19
Ana just graduated from high school, and though she dreams of going to college and becoming a writer, for now she is stuck working in her sister's garment factory in East L.A. The hours are long, and the pay is low, but Ana grows to appreciate the strength, passion, and dedication of the women she works beside.