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SMU Dallas grad spins modern new fitness studio into bustling lakeside location

SMU grad spins modern new fitness studio into bustling lakeside spot

Hustle Studios, Cypress Waters
Ahh, fresh air. Photo courtesy of Hustle Studios
Hustle Studios, Cypress Waters
The indoor cycling studio. Photo courtesy of Hustle Studios
Hustle Studios, Cypress Waters
The modern glass doors raise to reveal more outdoor workout space. Photo courtesy of Hustle Studios
Hustle Studios, Cypress Waters
Hustle Studios, Cypress Waters
Hustle Studios, Cypress Waters

A new fitness studio in the Dallas 'burbs was built with the most critical design feature of 2021 in mind: fresh air. Hustle Studios is a locally owned, multidiscipline boutique gym designed for clients to get their sweat on, indoors or out.

The 4,600-square-foot studio opened January 16 in a prime waterfront location at Coppell's bustling new Sound in Cypress Waters development. Inside, clients can do indoor cycling, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and stretching. Then they can move through the modern glass-panel doors and enjoy outdoor classes overlooking the lake.

SMU graduate Rachael Larson Daniel founded Hustle Studios and tapped Barbara Chancey Design Group, a Dallas-based international boutique specialty firm, to design it.

A release calls Hustle Studios "a playground for the senses," explaining that dramatic interiors were inspired by the local culture, paying careful attention to lighting and composition. The studio includes spacious locker rooms, blow-dry bars, showers, antimicrobial lockers, HVAC with maximum fresh air intake, touchless sanitization, and generous, welcoming social spaces.

But we're not there to hang out. We're there to work out. So, what of the classes?

"Hustle Studios is a premium boutique fitness destination offering exhilarating and effective workouts," Daniel says. "We have three fitness concepts under one roof for all levels and abilities: Ride. Hustle. Restore. Ride is our rhythmic indoor cycling class, Hustle is our strength-based circuit training workout, and Restore is our mobility/yoga concept."

They aim to provide classes that are paramount to building an athlete — cardio, strength, and mobility, she says — while giving clients individualized attention and new programming each time they come in.

"We’ve been incredibly intentional with the team we’ve brought on to guarantee a consistent and challenging experience for our members," she says. "As a mom with one on the way, I can truly say these classes are for everybody."

Notably, Daniel collaborated with Sharif Abboud of Evolve in downtown Dallas (and former head trainer for the Dallas Mavericks Dancers) to develop the Hustle program. She has just added a Hustle60 class, "so if you love his Evolve classes but are in the suburbs, this one is for you," she says.

Hustle Studios offers both class packs (starting at $50) and memberships, including a current Founding Membership ($175 per month) that includes guest passes, discounts on retail, and more. Individual classes are $25 each. More information on pricing can be found here, and COVID-19 protocols can be found here.

Beyond the gym and the classes, though, Daniel hopes Hustle Studios will help build community in a time when it's needed most. Founded on the principle that giving back is essential for a meaningful life, she says, exciting charitable initiatives are in the works to support local nonprofits and promote the healthy benefits of movement and music.

"Hustle Studios is a family vested in each other's success and joined by a passion to make Coppell a happier, healthier place," she says. "It's an honor to introduce this new fitness concept and serve my hometown and community I love."

Hustle Studios is at 3121 Olympus Blvd., Suite 150, Coppell. For more information, visit the website.