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Lime launches e-scooters on campus for students at SMU Dallas

Lime launches e-scooters on campus for students at SMU Dallas

Lime scooter
Of course there's no graffiti at SMU but you get the idea. Photo by Lime

There's a new frontier in Dallas that's about to be conquered by e-scooters: Lime is launching its Lime-S electric scooters on the campus of Southern Methodist University.

According to a release, Lime, in conjunction with SMU's student government organization, will provide SMU with scooters, per the students' request.

Students wanted the latest in mobility options on campus, so now they'll be able to scoot to classes, the library and across campus.

A college campus seems ready-made for scootering. Walking those long distances across the quad is so hard, and firing up the Jeep is a hassle.

Riding will be permitted on SMU's campus, but it is prohibited in the rest of University Park, per city ordinance.

Helmets are strongly encouraged.

The initial period permits scooter usage at SMU through June 30. SMU and the City of University Park will review the initial findings, and then determine whether to permit scooters beyond this period.

Lime currently has formal agreements with UT Austin, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M-San Antonio.

They also operate without a specific agreement on a number of other campuses including UT-San Antonio, and the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio. Sam Antonio seems very big on e-scooters.

Since Lime's first launch in June 2017, the company has expanded to five continents, in more than 100 cities, and deployed many wheels including electric scooters, electric-assist bikes, and their standard pedal bike.