Dallas Flood Problems

Overnight torrential downpour leaves Dallas a flooded mess

Overnight torrential downpour leaves Dallas a flooded mess

Following another soaking downpour, the city of Dallas is assisting in the response by multiple city departments to flooding that happened overnight in Dallas.

According to a release from the city, its Emergency Operations Center is at a Level 3 monitoring status, and this morning's commute is slow in many areas due to high water and closed roadways. Commuters are advised to use extreme caution when traveling and turn around when in doubt.

In the overnight hours, both the Dallas Police Department and Dallas Fire-Rescue conducted numerous rescues of stranded motorists. There were no casualties, and there is no major damage to property. A field command post was established to coordinate water rescue response but has been deactivated as of this update.

Since midnight last night, Dallas Fire-Rescue has responded to 272 calls related to high-water and the general weather conditions. There were 200 "investigations," most, if not all, cars trapped in high-water; 67 motor vehicle accidents; and 6 water rescues.

The City of Dallas 3-1-1 Center and the Department of Streets Services continue to field calls regarding high water, and they are working to ensure flooded roadways are barricaded to ensure motorists' safety.

The city will continue to be in close contact with the National Weather Service, US Army Corps of Engineers and the Trinity Watershed Management Department to prepare for any impacts or river flooding as a result of this recent rainfall. A flood warning remains in effect for both the Trinity River and White Rock Creek; however, the flood control system continues to operate as designed to protect people from flood waters.

The city has "flooded roadway" warning signs activated at the following locations:

  • 6000 Bexar, under RR
  • Hatcher @4700
  • Illinois @ Linfield
  • Sargent @ Southerland
  • St. Augustine @ Lake June
  • 5000 Lawnview
  • Simpson Stuart @ I-45
  • California Crossing @ Luna
  • Goodnight @ Walnut Hill
  • 9800 Inwood @ Park
  • Luna @ Y
  • Tantor @ X
  • Wildwood @ California Crossing
  • 800 Easton
  • 11500 Ferguson
  • Goforth @ Lanshire Merriman Pkwy
  • 7400 West Lawther @ Northwest Hwy
  • Peavy @ Dixon
  • 9200 Branch White Rock Trail
  • 9500 Lake Highlands
  • 2400 S. Lamar under railroad

The following streets are closed or allowing only limited traffic:

  • 4400-4600 Elsie F Higgins
  • Elsie F Higgins @ Junction
  • Elsie F Higgins @ Bruton
  • Good Latimer between Swiss and Live Oak
  • 800 Plymouth
  • W. Lawther between Goforth and Northwest Highway

Barricades are being set up at the following locations:

  • N W Highway at Buckner
  • RH lanes on both sides Duran at Northwest Hwy
  • Mockingbird and Lawther

Water department vehicles are en route to tow DFR apparatus.  Wreckers are en route to tow 2 DPD squad cars stranded due to high water. A number of traffic signals are flashing.

The city continues to stress that people should not drive into water on roadways or drive around barricaded roadways. The barricades protect lives and property from dangerous flooding.

Dozens of vehicles were flooded on Bellfort Avenue as severe storms moved through the Houston area flooding
Overnight downpour in Dallas flooded roads, not unlike what Houston (in this photo) experienced last week. Photo courtesy of KHOU