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Celebrity chef visit and restaurant faux pas lead this edition of Up To Speed

Celeb chef visit and restaurant faux pas top this week's Up To Speed

CultureMap is on the case with another segment of "Up To Speed" sponsored by Cadillac, a series that explores the hot topics of the week and presents them in a short — and hopefully entertaining — video tidbit. Because we want you informed.

At the helm of this newsy adventure is host Nicole Hickl, chatting about what has caught the attention of Dallasites. A celebrity chef, expensive real estate, on-trend eateries and restaurant faux pas are among the trending stories featured in this edition. 

Watch the video (above), and for the complete 411, click on the links below:

Chicken from HG Sply Co. restaurant in Dallas
HG Sply Co. is missing some vowels. HG Sply Co./Facebook