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How Dallas stacks up against America’s greenest cities

How Dallas stacks up against America’s greenest cities

Klyde Warren Park
Dallas is the No. 29 greenest city in the U.S. Photo by Thomas McConnell

Texas may be one of the least eco-friendly states in the country, but that won't sour Dallas' green reputation. In fact, a new report from WalletHub names Dallas one of the 30 greenest cities in the country.

To determine the rankings, WalletHub collected data on the 100 most populated U.S. cities, ranking each on eco-friendly metrics in four categories. Dallas ranks No. 29 overall.

In the main categories, we rank a respectable No. 22 for environmental quality. Dallas is No. 41 for greenness of energy resources, No. 55 for greenness of transportation, and No. 63 for green lifestyle and local policies. 

Among the individual metrics, Dallas ranks No. 21 for the number of smart-energy policies and initiatives. We're also well above average when it comes to water quality (No. 14) and percentage of parkland (No. 32).

Surprisingly, New York City ranks No. 1 overall, followed by Portland and San Francisco. At No. 11, Austin can claim the title as the greenest city in Texas. Other Lone Star locales in the top 50 include Laredo (No. 40) and Arlington (No. 43).