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Dallas battens down for cold after being robbed of a decent autumn

Dallas battens down for cold after being robbed of a decent autumn

Cold weather
Temperatures are dropping by the minute. Photo courtesy of Oxygen Concentrator

Dallas is bracing for a big freeze that will drop temperatures by 40-plus degrees in a single day.

Monday, November 11 started out at 66 degrees at 9 am, but is anticipated to drop below freezing to 25 degrees overnight, according to the National Weather Service, with lows in the 20s or upper teens overnight.

In anticipation of the week's cold front, the city of Dallas will open a temporary inclement weather shelter at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

It will operate as an overflow shelter, supplementing the city's area shelters once they reach capacity. It'll be open overnight on Monday, November 11 and Tuesday, November 12.

Staffing and management will be a joint effort between the Office of Homeless Solutions with assistance of the Convention and Event Services, Office of Emergency Management, Dallas Fire-Rescue, Dallas Police Department, and partners who will provide volunteers.

City Council member Cara Mendelsohn says in a statement that it's about taking care of the homeless.

"Homelessness in freezing temperatures is dangerous," Mendelsohn says. "Every year, we have people experiencing homelessness who literally freeze to death. Just like we mobilized to care for people when the tornado hit, I’m proud the City of Dallas is stepping up to care for our homeless residents to make sure they are safe in extreme weather."

So, what happened to fall 2019? It went from stiflingly hot in September to unfairly cold in October. But National Weather Service meteorologist Sarah Barnes says that's not atypical for DFW.

"It's typical of North Texas to go straight from summer to winter," Barnes says. "But it was more pronounced because we saw an abnormally warm September, and then October was cooler than average."

November is on track to follow the deplorable example set by October.

"The outlook for November puts it in the realm of possibility that we'll see below-average temperatures," Barnes says. "But the news is better if you look at the next three months. Our climate prediction center issued a winter outlook in October and what they believe is that we have a chance of seeing above-average temperatures in the three-month block of November, December, and January as a whole."

So long-term, promising. November, not so much.

"These are just probabilities, but yes, there's a chance things will be colder in November," she says.

Readers Digest lists seven "surprising health benefits" of the cold weather, including making people less impulsive, fighting diabetes, burning calories, alleviating allergies, improving sleep, fighting infection, and strengthening your heart. Whatev.

The hours at the temporary downtown shelter are as follows:

  • Monday, November 11 open at 5:30 pm and close at 7:30 am on Tuesday, November 12.
  • Tuesday, November 12 open at 5:30 pm and close on Wednesday, November 13 at 7:30 am.