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Big freeway ramp from 635 to 30 gets relocated and more Dallas news

Big freeway ramp from 635 to 30 gets relocated and more Dallas news

635 30 freeway
Freeways always look better from the sky than inside your car. 635 East Project

This roundup of Dallas news includes items about a big new freeway switch-up, an apartment community being planned on the site of a popular thrift store, and a community park being built at Fair Park.

Here's what happened in Dallas this week:

New freeway ramp
There's a relocation on a connection between two major freeways happening this weekend out on the border between Dallas and Mesquite. UPDATE: The relocation is still happening but has been postponed, date TBA.

The two freeways are I-635 and I-30, and the ramp that's being relocated is the one that goes from southbound I-635 to eastbound I-30.

The ramp will be labeled as Exit 8B and will say "Texarkana." It will be in a location that is more north than the current location, closer to Galloway Avenue, meaning that as you are driving along southbound I-635, you have to start watching earlier if you're going east on I-30.

The ramp will be relocated Saturday morning, December 18. at a date TBA.

This is part of the big 635 East Project, an 11-mile update of Interstate 635 in Dallas County. Construction includes the addition of a mainlane in each direction, new frontage roads along the corridor, and reconstruction of the interchange at I-635 and I-30.

An explainer video regarding accessing the new ramp is also available here.

Bag of cash at Love Field
A 25-year-old woman traveling from Chicago was on a layover at Love Field when her bag drew the attention of a Dallas police dog. When officers opened the bag, they found blankets and two envelopes with more than $107,000 in cash.

The woman was not arrested but they took the money. She hasn't been identified, and no explanation has been offered.

Texas law allows the police to take the money based on suspicion that someone is doing something illegal. The unexplained seizure was discussed at a December 14 meeting of Dallas' Community Police Oversight Board, and the police department has been invited to attend next month's board meeting to answer questions.

Garland Road Thrift Store in peril
A new residential project called Casa View Court is being planned for the site where the Garland Road Thrift Store currently sits, at the corner of Garland and Peavy roads.

It's a 60-unit rental project with duplexes, townhomes, and bungalows with rents between $2,000-$3,000 a month.

Some neighbors are OK with the additional housing and the economic and quality of life boost they say it will bring to the area.

Others are concerned about the traffic, especially on Peavy Road, where it's already tight for space and a busy intersection. Others are sad about the longtime old-school thrift store going away.

Fair Park park
Fair Park First is looking to hire a construction team to start working on a Community Park within the campus of Fair Park in Dallas.

The Community Park, as mandated by the Fair Park First Management Agreement with the city of Dallas, is part of the capital investment plans outlined in the 2020 Fair Park Master Plan Update.

It is hoped it will create a new destination and activity node on the southeast edge of Fair Park that will be serve the neighborhood and be open year-round.

It will go into what is now Parking Lots 10A and 10B, bounded by Fitzhugh Avenue, Exposition Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, and Lagow Street. This is on the campus of Fair Park but not within the boundaries of the 1936 Centennial Exposition site that makes Fair Park a National Historic Landmark and is therefore not subject to those regulations.