Here, Burrito

Dallasites prove their love of food and celebs with most popular pet names

Dallasites prove love of food and celebs with most popular pet names

Frost Austin Eastcider Pup-a-palooza
Nacho dog. Photo by Shelley Neuman

If there's anything you can count on, it's that Dallas residents like their food and fancy items. That's reflected in what they name their pets, as delicious monikers once again reign in the most popular pet names of 2019., the nation's largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers, dug through the hundreds of thousands of names in its database to come up with the nation's top 10 male and female dog names, as well as those you might hear being called at an Dallas dog park.

Much like last year, food-inspired names are tops. But where once the names Queso, Chili, and Taco ruled, this year Dallasites have a slightly varied palate with the name Brisket up 400 percent, Burrito up 100 percent, and Nacho and Pickle up 45 percent and 33 percent respectively.

Also big is a name that reflect the "live large" mentality of Dallas: Rolex. The elite brand is trending up 200 percent this year, but people are paying homage to other hometown favorites with Jonas up 100 percent and the name Cowboy skyrocketing.

Nationally, people are still leaning toward classic human names for their furbabies, with Max, Charlie, Cooper, Buddy, and Rocky claiming the top five for males and Bella, Lucy, Luna, Daisy, and Lola in the top five for females (only Rocky is a newcomer to this list). Dallas' most popular list is nearly identical, with the only change being Duke subbing in for Rocky and Sadie swapping in for Lola.

Celeb and pop culture-inspired names are up too, with Games of Thrones, Lizzo, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Keanu Reeves, and even Princess Diana on the rise. Superheroes are also big, with Okoye up 250 percent, Nebula up 163 percent, and Black Widow up 100 percent. Villains find their way onto the list, too, with Sauron and Bellatrix both up 200 percent, followed by Thanos and Tywin.

Rover also predicts comfort food names will continue to climb with Cake, Croissant, Brioche, Waffles, Cupcake, and Pancakes making the biggest leaps.

New this year is a list of the most popular cat names, and overall the winners are pretty much a mirror of the pups. The top five male cat names in Dallas include Oliver, Leo, Charlie, Simba, and Milo, while the females are Luna, Bella, Lucy, Chloe, and Kitty, with Lola as the No. 1 trending name among cats.