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Dallas couple goes on MTV reality show to air their secret relationship

Dallas couple goes on MTV reality show to air secret relationship

Engaged couple
Secret relationships are a hot topic on Google. Photo courtesy of LovBe

MTV, which used to be a good cable channel that aired music videos, debuted a relationship-themed reality show in April, and there's an episode featuring a Dallas couple that'll air next week.

The show is called Help! I’m in a Secret Relationship! which helps "baffled lovers when they discover that they're in secret relationships and figure out why their partners didn't want them to go public."

Reality shows have long been outed as the opposite of reality, but this one is worse than usual. The premise is that one member of the couple is keeping the relationship secret — if that's the case, how and why would the couple be appearing on a TV show? So you know it's all lies.

Real or not, it could have benefits. People in relationships often keep secrets, so maybe seeing a fake couple work out that kind of issue on TV would help viewers be less secretive or better deal with a secretive partner. It definitely seems to be a hot topic: A google search of "secret relationship" yields 2,280,000,000 results. There's even a wikihow on "How to have a secret relationship."

The Dallas episode stars Alexia, a 20-year-old server at Knockout Sports Bar; and boyfriend Javy, a professional boxer. According to the storyline, Javy is the one who wants to keep the relationship secret, even though he's appearing on the show; maybe he's promoting his boxing career.

From the press release: "Each episode, the hosts will investigate every jaw-dropping twist of a relationship on the brink, uncover shocking clues and theories as to why they're being kept hidden, and bring the couple face to face to expose the shocking truths behind their partner’s deception. When their unpredictable secrets are finally revealed, will the truth set them free or will it end the relationship forever?"

The hosts are Travis Mills, actor and singer-guitarist for a band named Girlfriends; and Rahne Jones, actor and activist who previously worked for the Department of Homeland Security.

The whole thing is extremely low-budget. Jones sits in a hotel room that looks like a suburban Red Roof Inn.

The show was filmed during the pandemic, and it feels like a lot of the action consists of the two hosts driving around on Dallas freeways.

  • They visit Javy's practice gym where his sparring partners say that he's never talked about Alexia.
  • They visit Alexia at Knockouts, waiting on tables in a skimpy Knockouts uniform.

The denouement takes place at Alexia's apartment, which looks like a set.

Javy's secret is a big shocker: He's been secretly filming porn online. Didn't see that one coming.

"You gotta understand, during quarantine, you got no money, you got no job, you see your parents struggling, and your family struggling, what are you gonna do?" he says.

Spoiler No. 2: The couple does not stay together. Alexia's trust has been broken.

The episode, "Alexia & Javy," no last names, airs on Tuesday, June 14 at 8 pm.

The show is produced by a company called Sharp Entertainment, whose previous work includes Travel Channel's "Man v. Food." The parties at MTV responsible for this dreck include Todd Radnitz, Nadim Amiry, Leanne Mucci, Marisa Weinstein, and John Varela, all reality-TV veterans, they must be so proud.