Happy Hour Fun

5 Dallas events for fun and games to shake up your happy hour routine

5 Dallas events for fun and games to shake up your happy hour routine

Social Science at the Perot Museum
During Social Science at the Perot, the museum closes to kids and allows adults to explore. Photo by Jason Janik/Perot Museum

Does your “work hard, play hard” lifestyle lack in the “play” department? Time to remedy that. Grab some friends and head to one of these adults-only events filled with fun and games — and cocktails.

Create with Cocktails at Spark!
Spark!, the nonprofit dedicated to inspiring creativity in kids, offers an adults-only night several times a year. Pay $10 in advance or at the door for entrance to the 6,000-square-foot indoor jungle gym. Sip complimentary beer and wine while contributing to the evolving art installations or crawling through the tunnels. Trust us, you’re going to want some comfortable footwear.
Mark your calendar: September 29 and December 1

Social Science at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science
Finally, you don’t have to wait in line behind all the youngin’s to play with the gadgets at the Perot. During Social Science, the museum closes to kids and stays open late for the 21-plus crowd. Order tickets online for $15 for members and $20 for non-members. Purchase cocktails and appetizers by Wolfgang Puck to set the mood. Activities and demonstrations by local businesses such as Oil and Cotton highlight each event’s theme.
Mark your calendar: August 5 and October 14

$2 Tuesdays at Bowlmor
Reminisce on those elementary school bowling alley birthday parties by heading to Bowlmor in Addison. Thanks to $2 games, tacos, and PBRs every Tuesday after 8 pm, you could be set for the evening with just a crisp Hamilton. If you ask nicely, they might even put the bumpers on the lanes for you.
Mark your calendar: Tuesdays after 8 pm

Pub Quiz Trivia at Trinity Hall Irish Pub
All those random facts you learned as a kid about space, dinosaurs, and horses finally have an outlet. Unlike many other trivia nights in the Big D, Trinity Hall’s remains a sporadic mix of literature, sports, music, pop culture, and history — perfect for the young at heart. It’s free to play, and winners take home a gift card worth up to $25.
Mark your calendar: Sundays at 7:30 pm

Thirsty Thursday at the Wild Detectives
Everyone’s favorite Oak Cliff bookstore recently started a thirsty partnership with House Party Theatre. About once a month, House Party performs three short plays choreographed to a drinking game that the audience gets to participate in. Think back to all those impromptu performances you put on at family holidays and thank House Party that you can be in the audience with a cocktail this time.
Mark your calendar: The August event is to be determined, but check here for dates.