Just For Him

Dallas-based skincare line caters to the guy next door

Dallas-based skincare line caters to the guy next door

Man Toolz
Man Toolz simplifies men's skincare. Photo courtesy of Man Toolz

Know a man looking to up his grooming game? Frustrated by complicated, overpriced skincare lines inundating the market, Dallas entrepreneur Doug Brown launched Man Toolz to provide "soap-and-water" guys with a streamlined, no-fuss alternative. 

"Men prefer simplicity — the driving motivation for the creation of Man Toolz — and a simple and easy solution to take care of our skin," says Brown. "I started the brand because I had no clue what to use on my skin and hate to shop." 

Introduced last fall at the innovative pop-up shop Unbranded, the collection currently features a trio of products — body and hair wash, face cleanser, and resurfacing moisturizer — featuring Man Toolz signature masculine scent.

Items are available à la carte or as a package deal in the Man Toolz Tool Box. But the best deal is the brand's recurring subscription of its core products, running $27.99 a month.

Products are 100 percent American-made, and further sweetening the deal, Man Toolz donates a portion of proceeds from every sale to organizations that provide assistance and education to individuals in skilled trades.

"Our products and formulas are designed to work for men, providing quality, affordable, skincare," says Brown.