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Italian luxury brand unbuttons rare menswear store at NorthPark Dallas

Italian luxury brand unbuttons rare menswear store at NorthPark Dallas

Max Stanco NorthPark
I spy a golf bag. Facebook/NorthPark Center

A high-end Italian designer known for its luxury leather shoes, accessories, and sports and travel bags has chosen Dallas for just its second U.S. boutique: Max Stanco has opened in NorthPark Center.

The brand's only other American outpost is in Atlanta.

"Inspired to bring energy and creativity to today's luxury market, Max Stanco understands the connection between personality and style," NorthPark says in a statement. "Known for crafting handmade Italian apparel, shoes, and accessories, Max's design's transcend geography and generation.​"

Born in Italy then raised in New York, Massimiliano "Max" Stanco approaches design with an eye for photography and architecture — the topics he studied at the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Firenze in Florence, Italy. In his 20-year career, he has worked in design and retail fashion as an artistic creator and entrepreneur in New York, Palm Beach, and Atlanta.

"I have always been inspired by sophisticated cars and aircraft. It it is not only the beauty of the design but also the attention to detail," Stanco told the Los Angeles Journal last year. "I aspire to combine design and innovation, just like a beautiful yacht. Classic never fades away, no matter how old it gets."

At the NorthPark store, shoppers will find handcrafted apparel, shoes, and accessories for men, specifically. Shirts, pants, shorts, suitcases, duffels, wallets, and even buttery leather golf bags made by skilled Italian artisans fill the shelves. Coincidence it's opened the month before Father's Day? Maybe not.

Prices start from about $125 and go way up from there.

"The collections are indeed designed not only to satisfy the most exacting tastes, but more importantly to ensure that an increasingly large number of people worldwide choose the value of elegance for their everyday lives," the brand says.

The store is located on level one, near Dillard's, next to Corner Bakery Cafe. Hours are 11 am-7 pm Monday-Saturday and 12-6 pm Sunday.