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European pool-sharing app dives into Texas just in time for summer

European pool-sharing app dives into Texas just in time for summer

Houston pool Swimmy
Pools like this are available to rent through Swimmy. Photo courtesy of Swimmy

Scorching temps. Baking cars. A strain on the Texas power grid. Why, it’s almost like it’s summer or something.

After a long sweat, nothing cools off like a long swim in a sparkling pool. A European pool-sharing service is coming to the rescue, allowing Texans to visit safe, secure spaces that come certified and ready to make a splash.

Dubbed Swimmy, the app (available for download on Apple and Android) connects swimmers and sunbathers with pool rentals in their area. According to a release, booking sessions range by pool between $25-$35 per person per half day.

“I have two kids and in just a few clicks we are grabbing our towels and splashing around in a private pool, it’s a perfect playdate,” Swimmy spokesperson Isobella Harkrider says.

Swimmy is already going strong in Houston, where a simple ZIP code entry shows plenty of pools available. It has just launched in Austin and Dallas, where available pools are still being compiled for use by the public, Harkrider says.

Headed south on vacay? Here’s a sample of some pools available in the Houston area, as described by Swimmy:

  • This gorgeous pool features a very large pool space, a garden, lawn and deck chairs, a barbecue, table and chairs, and a lawn for bowling and other games.
  • This large, gated pool is perfect for a birthday or celebrating the Fourth of July with friends. The pool owner describes the atmosphere as "serene" and "fun" and includes pool chairs.
  • The kids will love to splash around in this huge pool while mom enjoys a sunny day of play and relaxation.

Obviously, the pool-sharing app is a no-brainer for those who are shy about inviting themselves to pool-owning friends houses, public pools, and gym pools. But what’s in it for pool owners? According to Swimmy, pool owners can bank some serious cash on their under-used — and certified — pools during hot summer months.

“Texas pool owners can make some extra cash this summer, Swimmy makes it easy to turn your pool into a moneymaker and is a profitable move for empty nesters whose certified pools may be less active this summer,” says Harkrider.

Founded in 2017 in France, the release says, Swimmy is a leading pool sharing service in Europe and has launched in the U.S. in Texas, Florida and California; the platform has 125,000 registered users across Europe and the U.S. 

For more information, visit Swimmy.com or download the app.