Save Your Pennies

This is how much money you need to save each day for a down payment in Dallas

How much money you need to save each day for a down payment in Dallas

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Get thrifty, and within five years you could have a down payment for a Dallas home. Photo courtesy of Keller Williams

What could you be doing with the money that goes toward small purchases like your daily latte, an impulse magazine, or eating out for lunch? Saving up for a down payment, says, especially if you're looking to buy in Dallas.

The real estate website did the math for the nation's 15 largest cities, determining how much buyers need to save to eventually purchase a home. Texans actually have to save more per day over five years than residents of Chicago ($19.44), Philadelphia ($15.57), and Atlanta ($14.78).

Future Dallas homebuyers need to save $24.83 a day in order to accumulate enough cash for the average 13.6 percent Dallas down payment of $45,342.50. The website says the median Dallas home price is $333,400, and our hot real estate market is fueling ever-rising prices. If $25 a day is steep, you could save $12.42 a day over 10 years instead.

In Houston, the median home price is a little higher, but the down payment goal for five years is slightly lower, at $23.29 per day. It's only $11.65 a day if you spread it out over a decade.

Not surprisingly, house hunters in San Francisco need to tighten their purse strings the most, putting aside roughly $104.46 a day to reach a down payment goal of $190,750 within five years. Next comes Los Angeles, with about $68 a day, then Boston, with $40.41. New York City seems positively cheap at only $39 a day, but that's still a lot of coffees.