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Biscuit chain bites it with closure of only Dallas-area location

Biscuit chain bites it with closure of only Dallas-area location

Rise Biscuit sandwich
Bye bye biscuits.  Photo courtesy of Rise Biscuit

The local biscuit world takes a hit with the closure of a restaurant dedicated entirely to them. Rise Biscuits & Donuts, the North Carolina chain that set its sights on DFW in 2016, closed in December.

The chain's first and only branch was located in Allen, at Stacy Village, a newly built shopping center the busy intersection of Stacy and Watters roads.

Rise was founded by Tom Ferguson in 2012, specializing in biscuit sandwiches, filled with options like ham, sausage, eggs, and fried chicken. It also has foodie-style doughnuts with outrageous toppings like Froot Loops.

Ferguson grew up in Grand Prairie and the Dallas franchise was to be overseen by his brother and sister-in-law, Dax and Brandy Ferguson, who had perhaps overly optimistic plans for at least six locations in the DFW area.

The owners had little to offer about the closure. "We are not opening new locations at this time," Dax Ferguson said.

The Allen location premiered in April 2017 with much fanfare and a positive response from customers, who generally liked the food better than the location and service, giving both the biscuits and the doughnuts praise, even if they were viewed as a little pricey.

But some were surprised that Rise was primarily a to-go operation, and there were complaints about the lack of seating with only a few barstools inside. The location was also hard to get to, requiring lots of U-turns and lights.

The restaurant was also said to be staffed by clueless teenagers with no manager on-site. Numerous commenters noted that the place played very loud rap and head-banger music.

The Allen closure goes against what are said to be big big plans by Rise, which struck a deal with Fransmart, a franchising developer, who claim to be opening 130 stores by the end of 2018, and 1,000 locations nationwide. There is a location set to open in Austin, although no date has been announced.