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Lakewood Brewing goes big for Valentine's Day with raspberry Temptress

Lakewood Brewing goes big for Valentine's Day with raspberry Temptress

Following what has become a hot trend in beer flavors, Lakewood Brewing Co. is issuing a raspberry rendition of its iconic Temptress beer, as a way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

The brewery released a raspberry beer in 2013 but in extremely limited quantity. This time, the raspberry's going bigger.

"From time to time, we make these little special releases where we take Temptress and add something unique," says spokesman Craig Bradley. "Last Valentine's Day, we added fresh raspberries and people loved it. We said, 'Why don't we do this on a large scale?'"

So they made a 30-barrel batch (each barrel is about 31 gallons) that'll be on tap at most of your favorite beer haunts.

"It's like our regular Temptress, but once it's brewed and fermented, we add fresh raspberry puree," Bradley says. "And Temptress has lots of chocolate notes from the Belgian malts."

Raspberry brews have taken off lately, with sought-after releases such as the Rubicite by Austin brewery Jester King and Rubaeus by Founders. Unlike some raspberry beers that clock in at a lower alcohol content, Lakewood's ABV will be 9.1 percent, same as the regular Temptress.

"Temptress is Temptress," Bradley says. "It's our most popular beer. We don't want to mess with a great recipe. We would have a lot of people upset with us if we made it lower in alcohol. And it would be taking away from what makes Temptress what it is."

The release date for the raspberry brew will be February 10, at bars such as the Flying Saucer, Goodfriend, Common Table, Holy Grail Pub and even some Whole Foods Markets. It should be around through February 14 – you hope.

Lakewood raspberry Temptress
Lakewood Brewing releases popular raspberry version of its already popular Temptress beer. Photo courtesy of Lakewood Brewing co.