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Longtime burger joint off Dallas' Greenville Avenue closes after 26 years

Longtime burger joint off Greenville Avenue closes after 26 years

Burger Street
Crisp bacon, fresh lettuce and tomato, these are the things that help set a burger apart from the crowd. Photo courtesy of Burger Street

A burger joint that had lasted for decades in one of Dallas' most central spots is kaput: Burger Street, the little drive-up in the Kroger parking lot at the corner of Mockingbird Lane and Greenville Avenue, closed after 26 years.

The closure took place on February 1 and according to a statement, was "due to circumstance beyond our control."

A representative from the company said that Kroger owns the parking lot and the rent was increased to a rate they could not afford.

Located at 5657 E. Mockingbird Ln., the restaurant was popular in the neighborhood, including residents at the nearby Mockingbird Flats apartment building, and was a longtime favorite for SMU students.

"We're hoping to re-open nearby, but we don't have a location yet," the representative said. "We have been grateful that area residents helped make this store one of our long-term success stories."

The closure leaves 14 Burger Street locations in the DFW area, most in the suburbs, with the closest being in northeast Dallas at 9180 Skillman St., just on the other side of LBJ.

Burger Street was founded in 1985 by creative restaurateur Bill Waugh, who also founded Casa Bonita, Taco Bueno, and Crystal's Pizza. He sold those in 1981 and opened his first Burger Street in Lewisville, offering thin 1/5-pound burgers for 99 cents. In 1999, the burger size was increased to 1/3-pound patties.

Waugh died in 2015 and the business was taken over by his widow Liwei.

They've managed to hang on in an increasingly crowded burger market thanks to favorites such as their signature Double Double, as well as unique offerings such as the Olive Burger, topped with sliced green olives, and the Chili Cheese Burger, topped with chili, red onion, and Fritos.

They also have a chicken strips platter, hot dogs, and chili dogs.

They round out the menu with other sandwiches such as a BLT, turkey, and grilled chicken; seasoned curly fries, onion rings, tater tots, and sweet potato fries; and Sonic-esque drinks such as frozen lemonade and cherry limeade.

The chain's most recent opening was four years ago with an upgraded location in Roanoke boasting an updated design, open seating, 12-feet ceilings, and high windows.