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Bowlski's at Dallas' Lakewood Theater is adding venerable pizza stand

Bowlski's at Dallas' Lakewood Theater is adding venerable pizza stand

They were first founded in College Station in 1984. Double Dave's

There's new pizza coming to the center of Lakewood: DoubleDave's, the Austin-based chain, will have an outlet at the Bowlski's Lakewood Theater, at 1825 Abrams Pkwy.

Bowlski's owner Craig Spivey says they're converting the Arcade Bar space and are hoping to get the pizza rolling by April.

Founded in 1984 by David "Davydd" Miller in College Station and a big Aggie fave, Double Dave's is known not only for pizza but also for two signature creations:

  • DoubleDave's "Peproni Rolls," made with pepperoni and smoked provolone cheese, wrapped in pizza crust and served with red sauce or ranch
  • Philly Cheesesteak Stromboli, with mozzarella, white American cheese, and thinly sliced beef steak, folded in pizza crust and also served with red sauce or ranch

Other stromboli varieties include garlic-spinach, ham & cheese, and a "chicken" cheesesteak.

Sandwiches include meatball and a Buffalo chicken.

There've been locations around DFW that have come and gone, including Addison, Arlington, and Dallas' Greenville Avenue. There are currently two locations, Denton and Keller — that one's been open for 19 years.

Their menu includes prototypical pies such as Alfredo, Margherita, and meat lovers, and they also do a monthly special such as the current Abe Froman, a Chicago-inspired pizza with a deep-dish crust, red sauce, ricotta cheese, sausage, pepperoni, Parmesan, Romano, and oregano.

Spivey says he became fond of the chain while attending college in Austin.

"I grew up eating it," Spivey says. "I had it when I lived in Austin, and also went to the one on Greenville Avenue. When they closed that, I'd go to the location in Arlington and bring it home."

He says felt he needed a destination food operation in addition to Bowlskis.

"During COVID, we discovered that people were coming to bowl but not to eat, and I felt like we needed to get something special there," he says.

They're converting the Arcade Bar to accommodate the pizza concept.

"We're adding a to-go window in front, plus patio seating under the marquee for outdoor seating," he says.