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New bar on Dallas' Greenville Avenue worships '70s wah wah rock

New bar on Dallas' Greenville Avenue worships '70s wah wah rock

Wah Wah Room
Let's bring back the '70s. Photo courtesy of Wah Wah Room

If the '70s is totally "your era," then your new bar is Wah Wah Room, newly opened at 1922 Greenville Ave., in the space that was formerly Ceviche.

Wah Wah is right next door to Laurel Tavern, the casual eatery from California, which opened at 1920 Greenville Ave. in May 2018. The two concepts share owners, as well as the same food menu.

Wah Wah expands Laurel Tavern's footprint to incorporate the Ceviche space.

"We're the same place, but Wah Wah has a unique theme and its own menu of cocktails," a representative from the company says.

The unique theme is a '70s recording studio. One whole nook is dedicated to an installation of old-school audio equipment, including a reel-to-reel device, mixing board, turntable, and 8-track tape player with stacks of 8-track tapes and vintage cassettes.

It summarizes its priorities thusly: "rock and roll fantasy, stiff drinks, and killer tunes."

The name "Wah Wah" is posted over the entry in pink neon script. Inside, the walls feature '70s-era portraits of musicians like David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust era and Joan Jett with her middle finger raised in the air.

The rest rooms are lined with a collage of period photos.

Music is a big deal with these operators, and Wah Wah turns to the '70s for inspiration, playing tunes from the likes of The Who, the Ramones, and Iggy Pop, at a volume that's audible but not overbearing.

The atmosphere is dark and cool, like a speakeasy, with seating set closer to the floor than usual, and candles flickering on the tables.

The bar opened softly on March 1, but its cheeky retro vibe is already drawing fans. Think aviator glasses and bartenders with handlebar mustaches. Hours are limited: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, from 7 pm-12 am.