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Richardson's Alamo Drafthouse gets beefy new neighbor with Haystack Burgers

Richardson's Alamo Drafthouse gets hot neighbor in Haystack Burgers

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Richardson Heights Shopping Center is the new ground zero for hot happenings and now it'll get what every hot spot needs: a burger joint: Haystack Burgers & Barley, scheduled to open there in mid-April.

It's going into Suite 17, the old Paradise Indian Grill spot, three doors down from the highly anticipated, we're-tapping-our-fingers Alamo Drafthouse movie theater, which will open in Suite 14 in late May.

Haystack is from Richardsonites Kevin and Jenny Galvan and Rob and Christine Wondoloski, and will have a "quirky, southern vibe," says the release, with burgers, fries, "creative" sandwiches, salads, local beer, and a signature drink.

They won't officially release the menu until April 15 or thereabouts, so we'll have to wait and see what they mean by a "creative" sandwich. Bread on the inside? A filling of mac and cheese? Sandwiches that crawl up the front of your shirt so that you don't have to lift them? The imagination runs wild.

Points for using "barley" in the name, used to brew beer. It could've gone with the more obvious Haystack Burgers & Brews, or even Haystack Burgers & Beer, but those already sound trite. How much you want to bet the next burger and beer restaurant opens with the name "Joe Blow's Burgers & Hops"?

The Galvan family is best known for its dabbling in Tex-Mex; Kevin most recently owned Ricardos Tex-Mex in Allen. He developed the menu and will manage daily operations. For more information, visit Haystack on Facebook or call 972-479-9424.