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Plano wings restaurant beats chain blahs with homestyle dishes

Plano wings restaurant beats chain blahs with homestyle dishes

Kitchen Wings Plano
Chicken wings and catfish on one plate. Photo by aj_hennygod

The world of chicken wings is dominated by chains, which is why an independently-owned wing spot like Kitchen Wings is a breath of fresh air. This newly-opened restaurant in Plano does wings and things, rendered with the personal touch of owner Geoffrey Keaton.

Keaton, whose food service background includes restaurants and hotels, says he feels like he's giving the area and the cuisine something it does not already have. The restaurant is located at 4120 W. 15th St., just west of Coit Road, in a space that's been empty but was once a doughnut shop.

"Where we are positioned, there's not another wing spot for at least 4-5 miles," he says. "They have wings next-door at Domino's, but those guys come in and get our wings."

He says that his wings are not like the chains. "Ours have more of a homestyle feel," he says. "A good wing has the crispiness on the outside, and the juiciness inside, it's the combination of both. And then the flavors you coat on the outside. We do different flavors like lemon pepper and bacon barbecue."

Wings are not the only thing. They do a classic cornmeal-crusted fried catfish, and a slew of Southern home-style sides such as broccoli rice and cheese casserole, baked beans, cole slaw, garlic mashed potatoes, veggie sticks, and a unique beer-battered corn on the cob. They do fried okra, big onion rings, and seasoned French fries.

They also do a cool item called mac and cheese balls, where macaroni and cheese is formed into a ball, dipped in a batter, and fried. Desserts include 7-Up cake and a moist bread pudding.

Like most wing places, the majority of Kitchen Wings' business is to-go.  "I just felt like people needed to try our wings," Keaton says.