The Joy of Macarons

Newly opened sweet shop spreads macaron joy to Dallas’ Greenville Avenue

Newly opened sweet shop spreads macaron joy to Greenville Avenue

Joy Macaron ice cream sandwich
Sweet things are happening on Greenville Avenue. Joy Macarons/Facebook

Joy Macarons, the shop devoted to the delicate dessert, has opened a second location on the trendiest of Dallas streets: Greenville Avenue. This one boasts more space than the Oak Cliff original, so owner Liz Lanier has room for a frozen display case for her newest specialty, macaron ice cream sandwiches.

Like her macarons, Lanier makes ice cream using fine ingredients such as seasonal fruit, Valrhona chocolate, and Tahitian vanilla beans. She makes a custard base for the ice cream using the egg yolks she doesn’t use in the macarons. Clever.

Macaron flavors range from simple chocolate to the more complex honey and lavender or lemon fleur de sel. The ice cream sandwiches may combine, say, red velvet ice cream and vanilla cookies.

Inspired by the activity and energy of Greenville, Patrick Craine designed the new storefront, interior, and signage. He wanted the space to feel like an extension of the street, so he incorporated large, yellow-framed glass doors and bleacher-like seating so people could hang out and eat their sweets while watching what unfolds outside.

“We love the fun vibe [of Greenville Avenue] and believe it is a great fit for our second store,” Lanier says in a release.

The store, at 1927 Greenville Ave., takes over what was previously a hair extensions salon called Free Xpirit, and the end cap to a building that now consists entirely of foodie ventures, including Blind Butcher, Village Boulangerie, Greenville Avenue Pizza, and Dude Sweet Chocolate.

Joy Macarons is open Monday-Thursday, 11 am-10 pm; Friday-Saturday, 11 am-11 pm, and Sunday, 11 am-6 pm.