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Crazy toppings at new Plano doughnut shop include American cheese

Crazy toppings at new Plano doughnut shop include American cheese

D'Oh Nuts
It's a doughnut and a peanut-butter cheese cracker in one. Photo courtesy of D'Oh Nuts

Plano gets a little taste of gourmet doughnuts via D'Oh Nuts, a new shop that opened on May 22 at 3115 W Parker Rd., at the corner of Independence Parkway.

The shop took over the space that used to be Kolache Station Bakery, which closed in 2018 after many years. Owner Sky Sugisawa is a native of Japan who moved to the U.S. to marry his wife Eunice.

At D'Oh, they're not overlooking traditional doughnuts such as a glazed raised; in fact, the traditional doughnuts are their best sellers.

They have cake doughnuts, raised doughnuts, doughnut holes, and old-fashioned doughnuts with crusty edges. Some customers have been comparing them favorably to treasured names in the doughnut world such as Southern Maid.

In addition to doughnuts, their menu includes other breakfast items such as sausage rolls and cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing.

But they're also offering creative doughnuts with flavors you won't find at other shops.

Their most distinctive is a sweet-and-savory doughnut called the American cheese / Ritz. It starts with a glazed doughnut, which gets topped with an "icing" made from American cheese. Then placed carefully atop the partially melted cheese are four mini-peanut butter Ritz crackers.

Between the sweetness of the doughnut, the creamy melted cheese, the crispness of the crackers, and the salty peanut butter, this is a doughnut with a whole lot going on.

Other outrageous toppings include a chocolate-glazed doughnut topped with bite-sized Snickers — more dessert than breakfast item — and another American cheese doughnut topped with cute round Cheeto puffs.

They'll also do themed doughnuts such as a white-and-black icing that looks like a soccer ball, and a yellow icing that looks like an smiling emoji.

With those few exceptions, D'Oh shuns the extreme approach taken by most newer shops, such as piling on ridiculous toppings that make the doughnut almost impossible to eat.

Many of their doughnuts are slightly more refined. For example, one doughnut is covered with a shiny, dark chocolate glaze, then sprinkled with crisp halved walnuts. Another doughnut has a puckery-tart lemon icing. Another has a creamy green tea-flavored glaze.

Being a church-going family, they close on Sundays. They're open Monday-Saturday from 6 am to noon.