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Dallas-based Golden Chick adds suddenly trendy chicken menu item

Dallas-based Golden Chick adds suddenly trendy chicken menu item

Behold the thighs. Photo courtesy of Golden Chick

It's too soon to call this a trend but Golden Chick, known for fried chicken and tenders, has added a new menu item: boneless chicken thighs.

In a release, they describe chicken thighs as the most flavorful and juicy part of the chicken, and they've devised a boneless version they say makes them easy-to-eat and easy-to-dip.

If you're getting a sense of deja vu, you're not wrong. Mere days ago, Wingstop debuted a new chicken thigh concept as well.

But Golden Chick executive chef J. Sullivan says in a statement that this has been in the works for months, having required time to find a source for the body part.

"Now we are bringing in juicy, marinated chicken thighs that have been carefully butchered to remove the bone," Sullivan says. "I'd like to say that we've 'fixed' the thigh. Gone are the hassles of eating bone-in as we introduce our newest product: a skinless, boneless, marinated chicken thigh that is hand-breaded and deep fried to deliver an ideal crunch."

Simultaneous to the new chicken thigh offering, they're introducing a new dipping sauce: Tangy Golden BBQ, which you can get with the thighs or else revert to their so-called fan favorite, the Lotta Zing sauce.

The thighs are battered and fried, much like their tenders, and they're doing them as a menu feature, with two crunchy boneless thighs, battered fries, everything's battered, a Golden Chick yeast roll, and a 30-ounce drink, for $8.

They tested it at a few restaurants, got a positive reaction, ba-da-bing ba-da-boom, everyone now gets thighs when they introduce them widely in July.

The rule says that it takes three to make a trend. With only two players thus far, chicken thighs are not quite a trend. Maybe just a war. The chicken thighs war is on.