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New taco bar to debut in downtown Dallas with rare crunchy delicacy

New taco bar to debut in downtown Dallas with rare crunchy delicacy

Chimalma Taco Bar
Behold the tostada raspada. Photo courtesy of Chimalma

A new family-owned taqueria named for the "mother of tacos" is opening in downtown Dallas. Called Chimalma Taco Bar Co., it'll open in August at 701 Commerce St. #120, taking over the old Latin Deli space, with a signature dish not found on many (any?) other menus in Dallas.

The dish is called the tostada raspada, and is from Zapotlanejo, the town in Jalisco where founder/owner Andrea Hermosillo grew up.

"It's mostly a dish that's made in restaurants," Hermosillo says. "It's a tortilla that's fried, made with a special tool that only makes these kinds of tostadas. It forms a big oval disc that you top with beans, cheese, and salsa. It's light and crunchy, and with all of the flavors, very satisfying."

Everything at Chimalma will be made from scratch using fresh natural ingredients, including the tortillas. "The tortillas will be housemade, every step of the way, from processing the grain, it'll all be from scratch," she says.

Hermosillo is passionate about spreading the gospel of Jalisco-style food.

"Most of the Mexican food in North Texas is from central Mexico, which has created the false impression that Mexican food is greasy," she says. "But where I grew up, there was just as much healthy food, including a lot of meals with vegetarian options."

Her only challenge with her menu is keeping it focused.

"There's 80 items I'd love to offer, but I want to stick to keeping the quality and service high," she says. "I'm hoping to get it to 30 options so there's still some variety. And while the main signature item will be tacos, we'll offer salads, appetizers, and shareables, too."

She's spent the past few years working as a consultant helping businesses, including restaurants, get off the ground, and began to feel like this was something she could tackle herself. Her office was in the same building as the restaurant space, and her landlord approached her about opening something there to replace Latin Deli (which had been there since 2016 and still has locations in Dallas and Addison).

Hermosillo hopes to open Chimalma in August.

"I felt like we could do something that fits the need for those who work and live downtown," she says.

It'll be a quick-serve taco bar designed for people working in offices nearby who want a quick lunch or dinner. They'll also have a full bar for the after-work crowd, for anyone wants to have a quick drink.

In Mexican mythology, Chimalma was the mother of great warrior Quetzalcoatl, and also the symbol for life and maternity.

"It's always been one of my dreams to acquaint people with the food where I grew up and create a better image of what Mexican food is," she says.