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Dallas hot spots are in contention for nation’s best new restaurants 2015

Dallas hot spots are in contention for nation’s best new restaurants

Small Brewpub in Dallas
Small Brewpub and Luscher's Red Hots are on the short list for Bon Appetit's Best New Restaurants of 2015 list. Photo courtesy of Small Brewpub

Every year, Bon Appetit releases a list of the best new restaurants in America. On August 4, foodies got a taste of this year's picks with the announcement of the 2015 nominees. Among the 50 are two of Dallas' hippest new dining spots: Luscher's Red Hots and Small Brewpub.

The two concepts — the former a Deep Ellum hot dog joint from The Grape impresario Brian Luscher, the latter a cozy Oak Cliff restaurant featuring craft beer and charcuterie tricks from former FT33 chef Misti Norris — are among the restaurants that Bon Appetit says "just killed it this year."

The nominees were compiled by Andrew Knowlton and Julia Kramer who, over the last few months, "criss-crossed the country seeking out the truly original, innovative, and unexpected cooking taking place right now." 

Luscher's Red Hots has "perfected" the sausage sandwich, outdoing even Chicago with its Post Oak Red Hot, a meaty dog topped with chopped fresh tomatoes and spicy mustard. Other winning dishes include the Uncle Herkey burger, the Eye-talian Beef and the Smelt Fry Basket, a Friday special.

At Small Brewpub, diners get a taste of haute cuisine in an unassuming storefront BA calls "the love child of a German beer garden and a Parisian hideaway." The mag suggests you order the lamb belly with sweetbreads or boudin balls with apple hot sauce, and wash it down with a beer that was likely concocted as an onsite experiment.

The 10 winners will be announced on August 18. If selected, Luscher's and Small Brewpub will join the only other previous Dallas-Fort Worth winner, Ellerbe Fine Foods.