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Arlington's acclaimed Asian restaurant takes taste of Thai to Plano

Arlington's acclaimed Asian restaurant takes taste of Thai to Plano

Taste of Thai
Here's a little taste of Thai for you. Photo courtesy of Taste of Thai

A little taste of Thai is making its way to Plano, with a new restaurant called Taste of Thai Plano. The restaurant will open at 3205 Alma Dr. at the intersection of Parker Road, in a space previously occupied by the once beloved Asian restaurant Hong Kong Express, which closed in early 2018.

The original Taste of Thai Arlington has been wowing diners with Asian fusion dishes from its berth on Arkansas Lane off 360 for more than a decade. More than one Yelper calls it the best Thai food they've ever had. Its menu is a cool combination of traditional Asian items like papaya salad and chicken satay, with dishes that represent fun and original inventions.

There are vegetarian Thai crispy spring rolls — but there are also cheese rolls, which combines an unusual filling of vegetables with cream cheese.

There's edamame and gyoza pot stickers. But there's also a popular hot item called the chicken volcano, consisting of a crisp breaded chicken cutlet on a bed of lettuce, topped with house-made Thai sweet chili sauce, a strange-but-refreshing combination of fried, fresh, and spicy hot.

There are Thai corn patties, the crunchy corn fritters laden with corn kernels and served with a chili dipping sauce; they coat theirs in a panko crumb coating. There's tom yum and tom kha, the classic Thai soups.

And yet also chicken wings, with a choice of sauce from four options: sweet and sour, teriyaki, spicy, or sweet chili.

Like most Asian cuisines, Taste of Thai is very veg-friendly, such as their battered and fried tofu, served with either fresh ginger in tempura sauce or else sweet chili sauce topped with crushed peanuts.

A sampler platter looks hard to resist. For $13.95, you get two each of their most popular appetizers including shrimp in blanket, corn patties, fried tofu, spring rolls, cheese rolls, and crab angel.

They also dedicate an unusual amount of attention to dessert, with offerings such as house-made doughnuts with a creme brulee sauce, and sticky rice with mango and coconut ice cream.

According to a spokesperson for the restaurant, owners Nina and Michael Lentini weren't actively seeking another location but seized the opportunity when the space became available. "They decided after seeing the potential of that location," he said.

The restaurant will open on the weekend of August 10-12.