Ice Cream Is So Hot

Dallas chocolatier takes a churn at ice cream with Sylvan Thirty shop

Dallas chocolatier takes a churn at ice cream with Sylvan Thirty shop

Nib Chocolates Texas Tortuga
Betty Ringer will have signature chocolates in addition to ice cream and cookies. Photo courtesy of Nib Chocolates

An ice cream shop is coming to Sylvan Thirty, from a familiar name in the Dallas dessert world. It's called Betty Ringer Ice Cream, and the man responsible is Stephen Smith, founder of Nib Chocolates.

It's going into the empty space next to art gallery Iota, and it will offer ice cream, along with some of Smith's well-known confections, including his signature caramels. Construction on the shop — which is named for two of his pets — has just begun, with an opening scheduled in time for the 2016 holiday season.

Smith got experience running a shop while working at Hey Sugar in Roanoke. Meanwhile, ice cream is trending up in Dallas, with a parade of new places that includes Milk & Cream, Cow Tipping Creamery, and Motor Sisters.

"I love ice cream and always thought about opening a place," he says. "It'll be mostly ice cream and cookies. I'll do about 10 flavors of ice cream, plus cookies and, on weekends, chocolates and caramels. I'll also do drinking chocolate when it gets cooler."

Flavors will include vanilla bean, dark chocolate, cookies and cream, roasted banana pudding, rocky road with house-made marshmallows, olive oil and rosemary caramel, Thai iced tea made with tea from Cultured Cup, coffee and doughnuts, cinnamon horchata, and rotating seasonal flavors like sweet corn with blackberry jam.

Although he sells chocolates wholesale to other businesses, his ice cream will be served only at Sylvan Thirty. "And we're not using a pre-made ice cream base, which a lot of places do," he says. "We're making everything — the ice cream, the waffle cones, the cookies, the chocolate — from scratch."