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Steakhouse chain shuts down two restaurants north of Dallas

Steakhouse chain shuts down two restaurants north of Dallas

Texas Land & Cattle
Smoked sirloin is the signature at TL&C. Photo courtesy of Texas Land & Cattle

The churn at the Texas Land & Cattle steakhouse chain continues with the closure of two Dallas-area locations in August: the Frisco branch at 3919 Preston Rd., and the location in Fairview, at 131 Stacy Rd. A staffer confirmed that those two branches were closed on August 1.

That leaves two Texas Land & Cattle locations open in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for your smoked sirloin needs, smoked sirloin being their most famous signature dish. There is still one in Garland at 4881 Bass Pro Dr., and in Arlington at 1600 E. Copeland Rd.

TL&C was founded as a casual steakhouse concept in 1991 and became famous for its smoked sirloin, steak soup, and wedge salad. At its height, it had 27 locations in five states. In 2013, the company was sold to Day Star, a group founded by Scott Smith and Tim Dungan, who tried to revive the brand by updating the atmosphere and making changes to the menu. The Fairview branch, which opened in 2013, served as a prototype of the new look, with a lighter color scheme and more glass and marble.

But Smith left the company in 2016, and a bunch of locations closed in January 2017, including Plano, Richardson, and the Uptown Dallas location on Lemmon Avenue (now the temporary home of Hot Joy, the Asian fusion concept from San Antonio), leaving 15 locations in four states.

There are now six locations in total, all in Texas with three in Austin and one in San Antonio.

A manager at one of the remaining locations said that the company was facing bankruptcy, auctioned off a number of locations, half of which were purchased by a new investor, Creative Foods, which now owns most of the six locations still listed on the company's website.

Some were acquired by Landry's, which is said to be considering transforming them into locations of its own competing chain, Saltgrass Steak House. The Frisco location's Yelp page states that the restaurant is "temporarily closed" and will re-open on September 4. Saltgrass on the way?