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Bon Appetit magazine proclaims Dallas Best Restaurant City of 2019

Bon Appetit magazine proclaims Dallas Best Restaurant City of 2019

Jalisco Norte
Jalisco Norte got a shout-out. Photo courtesy of Jalisco Norte

Food magazine Bon Appetit has a sensational story proclaiming our own Dallas to be the "2019 Restaurant City of the Year." Go Dallas.

The listicle is by wee sprout Hilary Cadigan who swung through town on a foodie tour and liked what she saw.

Restaurants she highlights include Khao Noodle Shop and Petra and the Beast, the two Dallas restaurants the magazine included on its 2019 Best New list.

Of course, that's the same Best New list that featured Carpenters Hall in Austin, a restaurant noted by the Washington Post for having one big advantage: a relationship with Bon Appétit editor-at-large Andrew Knowlton and his wife Christina Skogly Knowlton, who both consulted on the project. (Christina is no longer with the company, but Andrew is still involved.) It was the only Austin restaurant that made the list. Totally credible magazine.

Cadigan, who is an associate editor and previously worked for Creative Loafing in Atlanta, says she was born in Dallas. She credits the city's "community of highly ambitious chefs, hailing from all different backgrounds."

"These chefs are ditching the large-scale restaurant group models of yesteryear and instead forging their own paths, creating highly specific, highly personal spaces that feel more like stepping directly into said chef's brain," she says.

Restaurants and dishes that get a shout-out include:

  • shellfish and frozen margaritas at Ceviche Oyster Bar
  • salumi, wine, and cheese toast with scrambled eggs at Macellaio
  • Las Almas Rotas, the Expo Park mezcaleria she puts in "South Dallas"
  • Nori Handroll in Deep Ellum
  • Mexican trio José, Jalisco Norte, and Miriam Cocina Latina
  • The Joule and Midnight Rambler
  • Sandwich Hag in Deep Ellum
  • pan-Asian delights of DFW China Town
  • poufy Iraqi bread and shawarma sandwiches at Bilad Bakery
  • stretchy ice cream and cheesy kunafa at Syrian dessert shop BigDash

"From the rich bowls of boat noodles to the crazy charcuterie boards to the spicy strawberry sotol, one thing is clear: Texas’ oft-skipped food destination is no longer skippable," the story says.