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Renowned Dallas chocolatier takes her sweetness to NorthPark Center

Renowned Dallas chocolatier takes her sweetness to NorthPark Center

Kate Weiser
Kate Weiser’s new shop at NorthPark Center will sell seasonal items such as her filled chocolate pumpkin. Photo courtesy of Kate Weiser

Fine chocolatier Kate Weiser Chocolate has opened in NorthPark Center, on Level One near Neiman Marcus.

This is the second location for Weiser, who opened her debut shop in 2014 at Trinity Groves. The new shop takes over the space that was previously occupied by Toni Rivard, the cake ball company, just outside of Neiman Marcus and to the left. It was also, at one time, home to a location of Noka Chocolate, which has since gone out of business.

Some of Toni Rivard's products will be sold at Neiman Marcus' Mermaid Cafe.

Weiser, who attended California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, and worked at Stephan Pyles and Nobu, began to make chocolate in earnest at Chocolate Secrets. She's known for her especially artistic chocolates with hand-painted colors.

In March 2016, Condé Nast Traveler named her one of the best chocolatiers in the world. She was one of only three Americans to make the list.

She's known for outrageous flavors — think mango habañero, strawberry basil, sweet potato, and lavender apricot — and eye-catching designs, with brilliantly colored bonbons and seasonal chocolate sculptures that resemble art more than food. Weiser's Carl the Snowman (meant to be melted in a pot of milk for sweet hot chocolate) and her chocolate Halloween monsters often inspire huge wait lists. 

Weiser has erected various pop-ups in spots such as the lobby of the Anatole Hotel. But this is different, says manager Jordan Webb, who describes Northpark as a "build-a-box" shop.

"It concentrates on our bonbon selection," she says. "You can come and fill out a 'build-a-box' form, with our 30 bonbons, plus a small selection of our retail molded items. It's different from Trinity Groves, where we have a kitchen, full retail, seating, and a chocolate bar."

The store will be open during mall hours.