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You can buy the trolley from Spaghetti Warehouse in Dallas' West End

You can buy the trolley from Spaghetti Warehouse in Dallas' West End

Spaghetti Warehouse trolley
It'd make a great focal point for your backyard Spaghetti Warehouse shrine. Courtesy photo

UPDATE 10-24-2019: Spaghetti Warehouse has pulled three items from the sale, including Lot #422 the iconic confessional booth; Lot #613 Steve Austin’s bed frame headboard; and Lot #616 the antique grandfather clock.


Perhaps you are still lamenting the closure of the original Spaghetti Warehouse, which shuttered its location in Dallas' West End on October 20, after 47 years.

The spaghetti. The lasagna. The memories.

But that's all chianti under the bridge. It's time now to move on, march forward, and see which gewgaws you want to buy.

Look sharp, because the previously-announced auction of the restaurant's fixtures, lighting, and other memorabilia is now live at

In the biggest news, you can personally own the signature trolley which resided inside the restaurant and was such a touchstone for Dallas diners during their childhood years.

The trolley auction is listed here, and it already has one bid. Like every one of the 497 items, bidding begins at a dollar. It's just waiting for your $2 bid.

If you are in the market for the trolley, keep in mind the auction company's note that it "requires significant effort to remove," and the buyer is responsible for complete disconnect and removal. That includes the removal of an exterior brick wall to remove the trolley, and then rebuilding of the wall, once it's out.

All of the pictures and included items are listed in the auction. But if you're anxious to see the cool stuff, Josh Bowman, a spokesman for TAGeX Brands (, the company that's overseeing the auction, has highlighted a few marquee items that may be of interest to the public:

  • Lot #133 – Framed Newspaper Poster Reading “I do not choose to run” quoted from President Coolidge
  • Lot #427 – A giant Spaghetti Warehouse branded antique safe
  • Lot #450 – The iconic Spaghetti Warehouse Trolley
  • Lot #465 – A large vintage custom espresso machine
  • Lot #466 – A hand-engraved brass plaque commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the Discovery of America

Auction categories include kitchen equipment such as furniture, lighting, sinks, and storage. Seating has some nice items, including a vintage wooden bench that's already at $12.

The largest category is "Decor," with 259 items that include numerous beautiful stained glass windows and stained glass chandeliers, and cool vintage signage, such as this Old Dutch Cleanser.

The auction is live for bidding until Tuesday, October 29. It’s a "rolling close" auction, meaning that items will begin to close each minute beginning at 10 am Central Time.

Time to make your bids.