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Daiquiris at new Alky Therapy shop in Dallas' Knox District go way over the top

Daiquiris at new Alky Therapy in Dallas' Knox District go over the top

Alky Therapy Daiquiris
Their daiquiris come topped with gummies, cupcakes, fresh fruit. Photo courtesy of stephb8822

UPDATE 8-30-2021: Alky Therapy Daiquiris & Desserts has opened.


One concept whose fortunes have risen in the wake of the coronavirus has been the idea of alcohol to go — and that sets the stage for the whimsically named Alky Therapy Daiquiris & Desserts, a new establishment opening at 3001 Knox St. that'll serve exactly what the name promises: daiquiris and desserts.

Daiquiris to go have always had a kind of low-rent vibe but COVID-19 has turned things upside down, and alcohol-to-go is now an emergent trend.

In addition, Alky Therapy approaches the category with more care and detail than the typical daiquiri drive-thru swill.

The original is in Shreveport, where it's a highly rated drive-thru serving daiquiris that are a cut above. The frozen drink mixes have intense fruit flavors like watermelon, mango, strawberry, and sour green apple, and come adorned with edible treats like mini-cupcakes, gummy bears, and fresh fruit.

Bestsellers include the Marley, with Hurricane (Vodka/Rum), Mango Daiquiri (Rum), and Margarita (Tequila, Triple Sec), poured into the jar container in layers so that it resembles the trademark colors of Jamaica; and the Candy Crush Watermelon, which combines Blue Raspberry, Hurricane, Green Apple, Peach, Lemonade, and 190-proof Vodka, adorned with an entire candy counter's worth of sour gummy candies. Drinks are 18 ounces, and average about $10. Many can be ordered without alcohol.

Owner Katina Gosey, who lives in Shreveport, founded the original in 2014. While not herself a big drinker, she has an eye for things that work.

"I went to a festival in Shreveport to help my sister, who has an ice cream truck," Gosey says. "People were waiting for over an hour in these long lines for a stand that was selling daiquiris. And the daiquiris weren't even that great. I thought, if I were to open a stand and make them better quality, it might do well."

As for Dallas, that happened because Gosey is already here once a month.

"I'm in the Army Reserve, and I'm in Dallas every month for my training, so it made sense," she says. "I wanted to expand to Texas and I think Dallas is the ideal place."

The Dallas location is going into a small storefront next door to Fadi's Mediterranean Grill, right off the frontage road of US-75 at the northwest corner of Knox. For Gosey, it represents the next step of her original concept.

"Rather than a drive-through place, this is more of a drink and dessert stop, featuring desserts with alcohol and drinks, both with alcohol and non-alcoholic, too," she says. "We'll have cookies and cupcakes and drunken cakes. Sweets have always been a component of what we do, but this will formalize it. And it's also a better fit for the location."

COVID-19 slowed down the opening, but she's hoping to be open by the end of December or early January.